Samsung SM-332B Eject Button Problems

Hi, I’ve got a couple of computers here with these SM-332B DVD/CDRW Combo drives in them. These are a couple of years old now and still work ok except for one annoying little problem with the eject mechanism.

When there is no media in the drive then it doesn’t respond correctly to the eject button! When you press eject then it clicks a few times and makes a few little jerky movements of the tray (though it doesn’t pop out) and then after a few seconds the green LED flashes for a while like its trying to read the media (thought none is present) and that’s it, the tray does not eject even if you wait a long time.

Fortunately it usually responds ok to right clicking on the drive icon and selecting a software eject. Additionally once you have inserted a disc then it always ejects it without problems when you hit the eject button. This makes me think it’s not totally a mechanical problem or otherwise you’d expect it to just behave the same way all the time.

Anyway I’m just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem with this particular combo drive. I think it must be a common problem because I have two of them and they both started doing it after a year or so. Also my sister has one of the same model and it’s now also doing the same thing.

Any ideas?


Sir, even I am having the same problem with my SAMSUNG CD-RW drive. The tray got malfunctioned within the warrenty period. I got it REPLACED from the service center-> the new one was a Toshiba-Samsung Product. I thought Toshiba would do some good to me. Three months later the tray ejection problem persists. According to my links, around 35-40% customers have the SAME problem. I am thinking to buy a new Plexor/Pioneer/Sony DVD-RW drive. I am so much annoyed by SAMSUNG that when I get the new drive installed, I will remove Samsung drive, bring a HAMMER and CRASH it into tiny pieces and say " Rest In Pieces " (R.I.P.). [B]I REALLY MEAN IT.[/B] Anyway, thanks for the time if anybody reads this. :smiley:

Say, how old is this drive???