Samsung SM-332B DWR Combo Drive Firmware Error

I flashed the wrong driver (T406.BIN). I was eventually able to use SFDNDOS to force a flash of E410DEL.BIN, but now I think that’s the wrong file also.

I’m looking for T408.BIN. Does anyone have this, and if I’m still doing this all wrong, please let me know.


T406 would be OK too by logic.
Where have you got 406 from?

Please post the discinfo output.

I’m not sure what disc info you need. Neither Windows or BIOS will recognize the DVD drive.

I downloaded the T410.bin from Dell, but it doesn’t seem to work either. The Dell sfdndos program (dated 2002) that came with the file said the download failed, but a more recent sfdndos program (2005) SAID it succeeded, but still no reading of the drive.

Oh, and the 406 came from a Samsung mirror.

Actually, it wasn’t a mirror:

I used the sfdnwin installer that came with the download the first time. After the drive crashed, I tried mtkflash with E410DEL.bin from unsuccessfully. While mtkflash did not work, sfdndos did mange to complete the download but my computer still did not recognize the drive. I looked further and found the T410DEL.BIN on Dell’s site, but this could not install either.

SFDNDOS seems to be able to force an install (-N), but the drive just stays inactive.

So, what exact (OEM) model is it?
From Dell, in an Dell Lappy???

SM-332 DWR 63BT922685
F/W=T408 H/W:A Ver B

Could you please use Discinfo and post its output here?

The latest DELL OEM firmware is T410.
I’ve uploaded it to my site.

You’ll find it at in the [B]TEMP_CDFREAKS[/B] folder.

Take care