Samsung SM-308B doesnt read any cds

The drives from a Dell machine in which it doesnt work, ive tried it on two other computers and i have the same problem. I’ve upgraded the firmware to version T106.

The drive appears in “my computer” but it cant read any cds or dvds that are in the drive, i get a message saying “please insert disk in drive f:”.

Originally the jumper in the back of the drive was in cable select (i dont know what that’s for) but i’ve tried it in master and cable select and it still has the same problem.

ive tried this in win2k and win2003 server…
Thanks for any help.

If you’ve tried the drive in more then one PC and it still doesn’t work it sounds dead to me.

The only other thing I could think of is a possible faulty IDE cable if you used the same cable on each PC. If not, looks like it’s time to get a new drive.

i’v hav used different cables for each machine so…:sad:
thanks for the help