Samsung shows off thin watchphone

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Samsung has introduced the world’s thinnest wristphone, the S9110, for consumers looking for a tech-enabled watch that can also make voice calls.<br />
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The S9110 is 11.98 millimeters thick --…

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When it is available in 850 WCDMA I mite be interested.

Err … why?

Now everyone can look like maxewell smart …
Hey wait! That was a shoe phone … silly me :stuck_out_tongue:

Now people can have a quick chat, whil everyone just thinks they’re crazy people talking to their watches …
What’s the technical name for a doctor that specialises in elbows? They’re going to be quite busy as people with weird RSI problems, related to elbows, start requiring patches for their worn elbow joints :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the only thing that would make this device ergonomically useful would be Bluetooth, obviously with a separate earpiece. However, this would raise the issue of battery life, probably requiring more frequent watch and earpiece battery charging, like every night or so.

Now this is something of interest. As for charging every night not a big deal for me as I do that anyways. Plus by the time it hits the states if it does they might have improved things some.

Meh, this would have been cool back when the calculator watches were cool, say 1987… This is just useless in this day and age…

I agree JJones, back then it might have caught on and be more improved by this “time”. Now I think this will be destined to be added to the “Biggest Flops of XXXX” category…

It’s just another techno gimmick to suck the money out of your pocket. not very practical, nor would I wan try and read any text messages on that tiny screen. Talk about eye strain!

Show me Bruce Waynes video watch, then we’ll talk LOL!!! I used to have one of those old Calculator watches. It actually came in handy more than once :slight_smile: