Samsung SH-W163A

Having some problems with this drive, I have just reformatted as I added a new SATA HD and since then my writer (also SATA) is having speed issues. Using Verbatim DVD+R MCC-004 it starts off well when writing, then at around 10-15% slows down to what I assume is 4x.:frowning:

Don’t understand this, was working perfectly before the format.:frowning:

Well I think I have solved my problem, at least narrowed it down to 2 possibilities.

  1. The HD I was writing the material from was 20% fragmented, and windows reported it needed a defrag, moved material over to new HD and from there it writes fine, at full speed.

  2. Before I formatted the HD I was writing from was SATA Master 1, after format it became SATA Master 2 and I can only guess that it did not like writing material off the 2nd SATA Master.

I tend to think it was more to do with a badly fragmented HD than anything else though, would be interested to hear if anybody else has had similar issues writing from fragmented hdd.