Samsung SH-W163A (TS-H553A) SATA Motherboard Compatibility

I found this PDF file on Samsung Electronics homepage yesterday. It lists some motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, etc. It’s small, just 23,285 bytes before compressed. Somehow, the attachment feature here seems to refuse RAR file type so I’m uploading PDF uncompressed instead. The file name is renamed.

PDF Download (Same file as the one attached above.)

I have just built 5 new computers with this drive. I chose an Asus A8N-VM CSM mATX Motherboard, which happens to be quite competent and good value. However…sigh. The nForce430 chipset seems to be suffering from early stage bugs still, even though updated bios:es has been released.

As soon as I try to read something from a disc with this drive, I get a BSOD and PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA error message. I’ve tried to flash the ODD firmware to TS01 but I still have this problem.


Nvidia IDE-Drivers are crappy. Uninstall them and see if that helps.
Also, a BIOS update might help.


[I] LG DVD-Multi GSA-H30N White Retail '606 92 58,000
Samsung DVD±RW SH-W163A/KRAF '604 30 62,000
Samsung DVD±RW SH-W163A/KRBF '604 30 62,000
PLEXTOR DVD±RW PX-755SA '606월 65 131,000 [/I]

LG GSA-H30N vs. Samsung SH-W163A

LG is a bit cheaper and also a bit faster.

Samsung is available in my country, LG not. Quite simple.