Samsung SH-W162L DVD-Writer Review

I just posted the article Samsung SH-W162L DVD-Writer Review.

Samsung Germany was kind enough to send us the SH-W162L for review. In this review we will be seeing how this drive from one the world’s largest electronics manufacturers performs in our tests.

The Samsung SH-W162L supports 16x DVD±R, 8x/6x DVD+RW/-RW, and 8x/4x DVD+R DL/-R DL writing technology, allowing Double/Dual Layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written. This drive is also the first drive from Samsung that supports LightScribe direct disc labelling.

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:r So Cooooooooool.

Hey there! I have this drive, and tried to change the booktype in several ways. also in the way described above. It never seems to work, how come? PLEAAASSE HELP ME!! :c

This Drive is junk. Very picky with media and will fail way to quick. Stay away from Samsung Toshiba. I paid $200 for a $10 drive.