Samsung SH-W162C / TS-H552C: burning problems with blank dvd RAM



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-W162C / TS-H552C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]When i tried to burn /write apparently all worked well , but than neither Pc or player could recognize blank.
so apparently nothing was done withthe blank.

this was the only dual layer blank Parasonic 3x speedavailable in the large audio shop in Bruges ( Belgium)

Any solution; or is those blanks a total loss??s


If you were using DVDFAB then we need a lot more information than that such as version, a burn log also if it’s about the burner you are requesting help on then there is a burner forum also a blank media forum, The most highly recommened DL media is Verbatim DL any other brand is subject to failure.


Any solution; or is those blanks a total loss??s[/QUOTE]

This is your 3rd thread in as many days and you have apparently ignored any replies…or have you even looked?

  1. Follow the advice already given to you in your other threads
  2. Provide the information that we already requested…now, for the third time
  3. Read TF Manual
  4. Stop double and triple posting. It’s against form rules and it’s frustrating and difficult to follow or offer advice.


Sorry but bear with simple minde guy from Belgium.

First remark: i’m used to the system that one gets an e-mail whenever reply is posted. I overlooked that this isn’t your policy;

Second I’m in the process of sorting out problems, managed to deal already with single layer blanks but was running into the problem with those DVD-ram blanks.

Unfortunately the choice in alternatives is too wide and one get’s quickly very much frustrated and that not only with audio stuff.
apparently the specialised shops’s personnel isn’t adequetely informed themselves.
thanks however to bear with me.



If you selected the right drive when creating this thread, then your drive cannot be used to write to DVD-RAM. Check its specifications again.

In any case, previous requests for information still stand. :slight_smile: