Samsung SH-W162C Firmware



I’ve bought a SH-W162C burner and I have updated the firmware but it changed the model to SH-W162Z and the firmware version is TS-01 (the one for Z) and not TS-10 (the one for C, as it should be!)

Also with Samsung LiveUpdate, it’s telling me " The model installed in you pc is not supported … " … before updating the firmware it was ok.

Is it normal?


I dunno, you might should ask TSST/SAmsung. I would do that.


Run WIN INQUIRY and post screen shot here






Download TS10 and flash your drive using sfdnwin.exe with the -NOCHECK parameter


Ok thank you very much!! Just for curiosity, do you have a clue why that happened?

Thanks again


May an error in Samsungs LiveUpdate program :confused: