Samsung SH-W162C DVD Firmware Upgrade Failure

I have a small problem here and I was hoping that somebody out there in this forum might be able to assist. Last night, I installed a Samsung Dual Layer DVD Burner model SH-W162C. I set the drive up as a slave and booted up the computer. The operating system WINXP SP2 detected the drive successfully and the drive functioned properly.

And now for my disaster - I navigated to the Samsung support site and downloaded the full firmware upgrade utiliy and what I thought was a correct firmware upgrade file. I ran the application and it began to update the firmware for this device. The progress bar completed and at the end, a pop-up window came up and displayed a message to the likes of “Firmware upgrade failed. Please reboot your computer.”

After rebooting, the operating system no longer sees the device. The drive door will no longer open, and the green activity LED constantly blinks every other second. An attempt to run the Liveupdate firmware upgrade from their support site will not work since the device is no longer detected.

Does anybody out there know of any troubleshooting tips or steps I could take to restore this drive to the apporpriate firmware level? Is it possible to boot up to a command prompt and re-flash the drive in DOS? Are there any utilities out there to assist in this process?

Any help or advice that you could give would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for your time!

i have the same problem with my dvdrw drive. i’ve downgraded the firmware and download failed message appeared at the end. after i reboot my drive is not detected and the green lights keep blinking. if you have solutions please let me know.

Hi and Welcome!

sorry to read you have problems with your drive.
The most important question: is the drive still recognized by BIOS during bootup of your system?


the drive’s not recognized in the bios. can u help me get into the reflashing to the original firmware?



can u help me get into the reflashing to the original firmware?
You might try MTKFLASH or XSF (found on But I doubt, one of these will work :frowning:


Switch the jumper on the drive to “Slave” and see if that works. Also, go into the bios and try the “auto-detect” function in the drive area.

If you get the bios to see the drive, re-flash the firmware and make sure you’re in Safe Mode.