Samsung SH-W162C Big Problem


I have two PCs with DVD RW SH-W162C, and conclude the following:

  • it has a problem reading a DVD disc. Sometime it really slows to recognize the disc in it, and seems like has a problem reading it.

  • Very slow in ripping CD audio to MP3 disc

Does anyone ever experience this ? Or is it just my luck to have two flawed units ? Anyone knows how to fix this ?

Btw, I’ve installed TS10 firmware.


  1. Depends on the used media.

  2. Is not only ripping but ALSO converting!

The same problem here! It makes strange noises, too. It’s like the motor is doing something abnormal. I have to mention this is my second SH-W162C, the first one malfunctioned only 6 months and less than 50 DVDs recorded!
The new one, that the service sent me, works even worse!
At this point I am very disappointed by Samsung optical drives and will certainly NOT buy another one !
P.S. And no new firmware for more than a year!!! Very angry at Samsung !!! :a