Samsung SH-W162 review by Cdrinfo



Better than the previous drives, but not a competitor for Benq, Pioneer, NEC or LG.

Interesting is the drive for reading protected Audio-CD and writing SD 2.9 or higher


Seems like a good option for a second drive … I just wonder if it reads better some damaged media that only one BTC drive I saw reads - no Benq no LG read. I’ll try to buy a unit to see how it is but I don’t know if I’ll find one around at a decent price; the fact that it is k-probe compatible makes TSST drives more appealing.


To be honest here again, I believe Samsung-Mtk DVD writer drives are for those who don’t read and who don’t care about the thousands of “quality scan” results on its boards. Other makers, of course excluding Plextor, offer similar prices and mostly more features. I don’t mean TS-H552B to SH-W162 are worthless. They should work as well as most other consumer DVD burners for most end users. I haven’t read the review and have no plan to do so or test the drive myself.


It’s the only DVD-writer I know that can write SD3.1. :iagree:


Irony since Samsung doesn’t like to impress game-copying users, but perhaps they have changed mind due to overwhelming feedbacks from the many thousands of users recently. About at the launch time of SH-W162, Samsung started massive marketing for Samsung optical drives in South Korean domestic market which was probably caused by some high-place order. If anything, they’ve been desperate. I didn’t feel it’s a good move at all for such a gigantic business group. They chose cruder marketing instead of better R&D.


Last week c´t-Magazine (Germany) had reviewed some drives, the Benq 1640, Plextor 740, LiteOn 1693, LG 4167, Samsung 162 and Tosh 5472:

The Samsung did much better than the previous drives, and much better than the Toshiba-version. So it means that Samsung works much more on the FW.

In the past I was not happy with optical drives from Samsung, but looks like they´re getting better


Maybe miracles happen?

A german magazine reviewed the 162 with TS08 and they wrote that the 162 can write DVD-RAM at 5x

My info is that the 162 don´t even read DVD-RAM


I completed a review of the Samsung WriteMaster 164 drive, which is the external version of the 162 drive. It cannot read, or write to DVD-RAM media.


Yeah, someone told me he same.

I wrote it in the forum of the magazine and now they say that it was a mistake.

But they did another mistake, they showed a pic of a NEC and wrote it is a Toshiba 5472. I tell them that it must be wrong and they wrote that according to her database NEC manufacture drives for Toshiba


I think you will post it on your website soon :slight_smile: ?


Firmware TS10 for the SH-W162C is out, try it.
On the site “” this firmware is wrongly named “SH-W612C”!!! LOL :slight_smile:


Correctly typed on the Korean-language download page.


The drive is finally available here in Canada now, at Not too sure if I’ll try it after I had my TS-H552U. They seem to have given up on that drive, which I’m not too happy with.


The drive suxx. I swiched it for a BenQ 1640 because the Samsung made a funny noice when the drive accessed data near the end of the disk.
And I was not able to burn 16x. It started @16x then in the middle of the burn the burner buffer startet to get empty. The burner then swiched to a slower speed and that resulted in a 7+ min burn @ 16x.


I did wind up buying one, and it is a better drive than the TS-H552U but it’s no BenQ. I have been able to get real 16x burns out of it, albeit not with good quality but I haven’t really gone that crazy on testing it. I’ll try some more 16x media testing tonight and post the results here as I picked up a bunch more with the boxing day deals this year.


Just tried some of my Daxon AZ2 discs (BenQ) as they claimed 16x support and it failed to init the burn with a “Parameter Value Invalid (052602)” failure, and froze the drive with the disc in it. Way to go Samsung…looks like I’ll be compiling another bug list for the mfg suggestion thread.


Sorry I meant Daxon AZ3 there. The correct data has been posted to the mfg suggestion thread as well.


Fabulous results here in terms of speed (5:42 @ 16x), quality score and PIF totals on this CMC M01 (Philips branded) DVD+R 16x media with the SH-W162C TS10. Lower jitter and more consistent PIE distribution would be nice though. Excellent results and fast burn speed (6:00) on this Daxon 016S (BenQ branded) DVD-R 16x media as well. With up to date firmware, this drive does seem to perform at 16x even with less than stellar media.


Ok, that is outstanding in speed and PIF but how about those very high values for PIE ? For me this does not look good and I am doubtful about how long those recordings will last, stated that PIE over 280 are dangerous and knowing that Benq tends to report less errors. Maybe try to scan with an LiteOn or even with Samsung (I think it has mediatek chipset and thus is supported by K-Probe), I suppose it is difficult to find a Plextor to scan.



There are many drives better than the 552

From what you post, I can see it´s still a horrible writer, when scanned with a Benq.

Try scans with KProbe and the 162