Samsung SH-S223Q will not update



I have a new SH-S223Q. It’s installed through a PCI SATA adapter in my HP computer (it’s about 4 years old).

A friend of mine did this with a much older computer than I have and it worked fine, so I thought it would be safe to do with my PC.

The drive mostly works fine; it will read DVDs and burn discs without a problem. However, some programs hang and crash when I try to “open” the contents of the drive (like TMPGEnc Xpress).

I realized I hadn’t updated the firmware yet so I thought that might solve it. I downloaded the latest firmware (ST00, drive came with SB00 installed) from Samsung. However when I try to run the firmware updater, I get an error message of “This firmware is not compatible with this drive. Please visit Samsung to find software for your drive” (paraphrased).

I tried downloading the same firmware from another place, some driver hosting site, and I get the same error message.

Any idea what’s up?



STxx firmwares are not intended to be used on drives that came with SBxx firmware. That’s why the the firmware update software complains and refuses to work.
Also, these are not newer and not necessarily better.
Additionally, I doubt, changing to STxx firmware will solve the problem you have described.

If you really want to apply STxx on your drive, the update process must be forced. Please have a look into the FAQ mentioned in my signature. Please also note, you will void the warranty of your drive then.

Oh, and before I forget: What is the chipset of your PCI Sata controller card?



Thanks, I didn’t realize STxx was a whole other “series.” The chipset of the SATA card is Silicon Image SIL 3112.


Hi,[quote=slowpogo;2131532]Thanks, I didn’t realize STxx was a whole other “series.”[/quote]As mentioned, you can “force” flashing STxx firmware on a SBxx drive, but I doubt there will be any benefit.

The chipset of the SATA card is Silicon Image SIL 3112.
Provided, the card is configured as non-RAID card, this is fine. I have been asking, since there are many VIA based Sata controller cards available. These don’t support optical drives properly.