Samsung SH-S223F Installation problems

Hello everybody!
I’ve recently bought the sh-s223f and installed it on my new computer. I’m also a noob in Vista operating, and so I ask for your help.
I don’t know what I’ve installed on my computer that created a conflict or something, and so, for the last few days, Windows (Vista 64 bits) doesn’t recognize the writer. In Device manager it’s shown with an exclamation mark, automatically updating the driver doesn’t work, WININQUIRY.exe can’t find the device. Oh, and I wasn’t able to find anywhere on the internet any good drivers up-to-date.
What should I do?

First thing I would try to do is update the mobo chipset drivers and see if that helps. :wink:
It would really help to know what mobo you are using some mobo chipsets and SATA
controllers have a hard time with ODD drives attached to them. :iagree:

Hi and Welcome![quote=liviucnll;2140611]In Device manager it’s shown with an exclamation mark, [/quote]would you please tell us the error code that is accompanied by the yellow exclamation mark?

My crystal ball thinks, this is the solution:


Thanks alot, Michael !

Your crystal ball was right. Oh, te code error was 39 (not that it matters now).

Bye now!

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: