Samsung SH-S223F does not work


I have a Samsung SH-S223F DVD Writer. The Label on the drive mentions the firmware SB00.

It was in my father’s system and suddenly (about 2 yrs ago), the BIOS waited for 10 to 20 secs to recognize the drive but failed. :eek:

The Drive does not blink the led when powered ON & the open button also does not work.

I think some how the DVD drive has bricked itself…! :sad:

So, how to recover the drive. It’s not used too much (to write or read) so the laser must be good, may be some dust could be there & i can use a Lens Cleaner CD later.

I don’t want to experiment in my father’s system. My system does not have a SATA port, but i have USB to SATA and IDE <=> SATA controller boards.

Thanks in Advance. :bow:


I’m sorry your drive has died but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Right now you can buy a new Samsung SH-224BB 24X SATA DVD Writer for $17.99 at NCIX. Save yourself a lot of frustration and spend a few bucks on a new Drive.

Here (Bangalore, India), DVD writers cost less than Rs.1100 ($20). But, i don’t want to make it another e-waste. And, if u know, Bangalore has turned itself into a garbage city from garden city.

And, it will be fun & to gain knowledge on how to recover dead drives.

One more thing i noticed after opening the drive.

In the Component side, next to the SATA Data connector there is 4 small holes for another connector named “CN5”, below that i can see “RXD” & “TXD”, which connects to the last 2-pins of CN5. :bigsmile:

This is a serial connection for something, may to flash the MediaTek MT1869L IC. I don’t know if this is a 3.3V or 5V TTL serial signal. :confused:

So, is there any other software that uses this connection to revive the drive? :rolleyes:


Fist of all, a late welcome to myCE (aka. cdfreaks).

Second, check the drives upper and lower filters
BTW, only “redbook” filters are needed for any burning engine.

Third, saying goes; “if you can’t fix it you better don’t mess with it”. But then, not knowing if the drive is still good anyway, our member [B]mciahel[/B] has some good guides how to flash/ reflash a Sammy drive in pure [B]DOS[/B]e [or btw in any Linux distro].
Just take look a few posts below at sticky threads.

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I would also not exclude problems with the computer system the drive is installed in. If your USB/Sata adapter comes with a power supply unit (12 2A + 5V 2A), then try the unit there before you do anything else.