Samsung SH-S223 22x Burner

Akihabara News has an article on the new 22x burner from Samsung.’s+Latest+DVD+Burner+Offers+Blazing+Fast+22X+Recording+Capability+for+Lower+Speed+Media.html

Nice find mankmeister :clap:
one more 22X round :clap:

Already any insights on burning quality for 22x SL and 16 DL burning?

Here one more link to the machine:

So it is 2X at time, next will be 24X :slight_smile: cool news tho :slight_smile:

Edit: With over-speed recording, users can write at 22X speeds on 16X media, sweet

Any release date yet? When its on retail?

hmmm 22x burners now :bigsmile:

hmmm… 20x burns do not really produce all that good of results now, so I can hardly
wait to see how bad the 22x burns will look on 16x media. :eek:

Anyone tried the 22x stuff already?

Wouldn’t it have been better to certify some 18x / 20x media first before releasing a 22x drive? This is the cart before the horse IMO.

And… if the scans get WORSE… would you really tolerate a burn with PIE/PIFs as junky as the cheap Chinese made media just to make a burn a LITTLE BIT FASTER? The media speed certifications exist for all manufacturers to tweak & test dye formulas that will work best at higher speeds. So, therefore a 22x drive is just a firmware hack/tweak with probably the same chipset as 20x drive.

Isn’t it bad enough being but in the guinea pig maze with software such as Windows 95, 98, Millenium, Xp and now Vista?

Also, now that Blue Ray won the format war… don’t you think it would be nice to see DUAL LAYER DVDs become CHEAPER? The prices are stuck around $1/disc… crazy for only 8.5gb’s Might as well buy hard drives for backup storage.

And… if the scans get WORSE… would you really tolerate a burn with PIE/PIFs as junky as the cheap Chinese made media just to make a burn a LITTLE BIT FASTER? [/QUOTE]

No, definitely not. Could have been that it does good quality and high speed. But most probably it is just a marketing gag with crap burning results.

looks interesting, very happy with s203b, will probably pick up S223

Here is the first guess for the MID list. The DL write speeds do not match the specs, which might be caused by a wrong interpretation of the DL speed table.

Edit: Now all MIDs having 12x in SH-S203S SB00 have 12x in SH-S223F SB00.

Media Code Speed Edit V SE

Firmware: TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S223F SB00
Bootcode: TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S223F BOOT

Overall  supported media types:  327
DVD+R9   supported media types:   31
DVD+R    supported media types:   70
DVD+RW   supported media types:   36
DVD-R9   supported media types:   13
DVD-R    supported media types:  113
DVD-RW   supported media types:   43
DVD-RAM  supported media types:   21

DVD+R9   supported media types:   31
CMC MAG  D01    2.4x
CMC MAG  D02    4x
CMC MAG  D03    8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  D04    4x
CMC MAG  D06    10x,8x,6x,4x
FTI      D08    2.4x
FTI      R08    8x,6x,4x
INFOME   D01    2.4x
KIC00000 D20    2.4x
MBIPG101 R10    8x,6x,4x
MBIPG101 R12    8x,6x,4x
MKM      001    4x,2.4x
MKM      003    10x,8x,6x,4x
MKM      004    10x,8x,6x,4x
PHILIPS  CD2    2.4x
PHILIPS  PD2    4x
PRINCO   000    2.4x
PRINCO4X D00    4x
PRODISC  D01    2.4x
PRODISC  D04    8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN D00    2.4x
RICOHJPN D01    8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN D01    8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN D02    10x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    D01    2.4x
RITEK    D03    8x,6x,4x
RITEK    D03    8x,6x,4x
RITEK    S04    4x
RITEK    S04    8x,6x,4x
RITEK    S06    10x,8x,6x,4x
UMEDISC  DL1    8x,6x,4x

DVD+R    supported media types:   70
AML      001    4x
AML      002    8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  E01    12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  F01    4x
CMC MAG  M01    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  M02    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
DAXON    AZ2    8x,6x,4x
DDT      001    4x
DDT      002    8x,6x,4x
DDT003   003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
EMDPAZ01 000    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
GSC503   H02    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
INFODISC R10    4x
INFODISC R20    8x,6x,4x
INFOME   R20    8x,6x,4x
IS01     001    4x
IS02.... 001    8x,6x,4x
ISSM     001    8x,6x,4x
ISSM     003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
KIC00000 S80    8x,6x,4x
LD       S03    8x,6x,4x
LGEP16   001    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MAXELL   001    4x
MAXELL   002    8x,6x,4x
MAXELL   003    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBIPG101 R04    12x,8x,6x,4x
MBIPG101 R05    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBIPG101 R05    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MCC      002    4x
MCC      003    12x,8x,6x,4x
MCC      004    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MICRON   001    8x,6x,4x
MJC      003    8x,6x,4x
MJC      005    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MPOMEDIA 080    8x,6x,4x
MUST     002    8x,6x,4x
NAN YA   FLX    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
NANYA    CLX    8x,6x,4x
OPTODISC OR8    8x,6x,4x
PHILIPS  C16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
POS      R01    8x,6x,4x
PRODISC  R02    4x
PRODISC  R03    8x,6x,4x
PRODISC  R05    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PRODISC  R05    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
Plasmon1 C01    8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN R02    12x,8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN R03    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN R03    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    F16    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    F16    22x,20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    P16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    R02    4x
RITEK    R03    8x,6x,4x
RITEK    R05    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    R05    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
SONY     D11    12x,8x,6x,4x
TDK      001    4x
TDK      002    12x,8x,6x,4x
TDK      003    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
VDSPMSAB 001    4x
VDSPMSAB 001    4x
VIDEOLAR 002    8x,6x,4x
VIDEOLAR 003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
WFKA11   211    8x,6x,4x
WFKA11   321    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
YUDEN000 T01    4x
YUDEN000 T02    12x,8x,6x,4x
YUDEN000 T03    22x,20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x

DVD+RW   supported media types:   36
CMC MAG  W01    2.4x
CMC MAG  W02    4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  W03    6x,4x
DAXON    D42    4x,2.4x
DAXON    W81    4x
INFODISC A01    2.4x
INFODISC A10    4x,2.4x
INFOME   A20    4x
MBIPG101 W03    4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 W04    2.4x
MBIPG101 W05    4x
MCC      A01    2.4x
MKM      A02    2.4x
MKM      A03    8x,6x,3.3x
MKM      A03    8x,6x,3.3x
NANYA    DRW    4x,2.4x
NANYASC  DRW    2.4x
OPTODISC OP1    4x,2.4x
OPTODISC OP4    4x,2.4x
OPTODISC OP8    6x,4x
PHILIPS  010    4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  041    4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  RW8    8x,6x,3.3x
PRODISC  W01    2.4x
PRODISC  W02    4x,2.4x
PRODISC  W03    8x,6x,3.3x
RICOHJPN W01    2.4x
RICOHJPN W11    4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN W21    8x,6x,3.3x
RITEK    001    2.4x
RITEK    004    4x,2.4x
RITEK    008    8x,6x,3.3x
SENTINEL W01    2.4x
SENTINEL W02    4x,2.4x
SONY     S11    2.4x
SONY     S21    8x,6x,3.3x

DVD-R9   supported media types:   13
CMC MAG. AD4    4x
FTI RGD08       2x
JVC-RD41        2x
JVC-RD81        4x
KIC01RD040      4x
MKM 01RD30      4x
MKM 03RD30      10x,8x,6x,4x
MKM 04RD30      10x,8x,6x,4x
PRINCORDL05     4x
ProdiscDR24     4x
RICOHJPN R01    8x,6x,4x
RITEKP01        4x
TYG11           8x,6x,4x

DVD-R    supported media types:  113
80SONY-R0       4x
AML             4x
AN31            4x
BeAll G16001    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
BeAll G40001    4x
CMC MAG. AE1    8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG. AF1    4x
CMC MAG. AM3    18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG. AM4    20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
DAXON008S       8x,6x,4x
DAXON016S       16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
DDTRG001        4x
DDTRG002        8x,6x,4x
DDTRG003        8x,6x,4x
Dvsn A001       
Dvsn-160        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
Dvsn-80         8x,6x,4x
EDMA01          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
FTI RG16        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
FUJIFILM03      8x,6x,4x
FUJIFILM04      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
GSC001          4x
GSC002          4x
GSC003          8x,6x,4x
GSC004          8x,6x,4x
GSC005          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
GSC006          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
IMC JPN R01     8x,6x,4x
INFODISC-R01    4x
INFODISC-R20    8x,6x,4x
INFOMEDIAR20    8x,6x,4x
INFOMEDIAR30    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
INFOSMART01     4x
INFOSMART02.    8x,6x,4x
INFOSMART03.    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ISSM    R02     16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ISSM R01        8x,6x,4x
KDTTC1-TPCP2    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
KDTVVV          8x,6x,4x
KIC01RG080      8x,6x,4x
KIC01RG160      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
KIC01RG20       4x
LEADDATA S03    8x,6x,4x
LEADDATA S04    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LGE08           8x,6x,4x
LGE16           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LONGTEN 001     4x
MBI 01RG20      4x
MBI 01RG40      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBI 01RG50      18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBI 03RG40      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBI 03RG50      18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MCC 00RG200     4x
MCC 01RG20      4x
MCC 02RG20      12x,8x,6x,4x
MCC 03RG20      18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MEI 00V003      4x
MJC M005        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MJC ME          8x,6x,4x
MUST 003        8x,6x,4x
MUST 007        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MXL RG01        
MXL RG01A       4x
MXL RG02        4x
MXL RG03        8x,6x,4x
MXL RG04        18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
NAN YA F02      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
OPTODISCR004    4x
OPTODISCR008    8x,6x,4x
OPTODISCR016    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
POSG06          8x,6x,4x
POSG08          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PRINCO          4x
PRINCO8X02      8x,6x,4x
PRINCORGM1      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PRINCORGM2      18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
Plasmon1A       8x,6x,4x
ProdiscF01      12x,8x,6x,4x
ProdiscF02      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ProdiscF03      18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ProdiscS03      4x
ProdiscS04      8x,6x,4x
ProdiscS05      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEKF1         16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEKF2         22x,20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEKG04        4x
RITEKG04  01    4x
RITEKG05        8x,6x,4x
RITEKM16        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
SKC Co.,Ltd.    4x
SONY04D1        4x
SONY08D1        12x,8x,6x,4x
SONY16D1        18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
TCLDS01         8x,6x,4x
TCLDS03         4x
TCLDS04         4x
TMI003          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
TTG01           4x
TTG02           8x,6x,4x
TTH01           12x,8x,6x,4x
TTH02           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
TYG01           4x
TYG02           12x,8x,6x,4x
TYG03           22x,20x,18x,16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
UME01           4x
UME01           8x,6x,4x
UME02           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
VDSPMSAB 01     4x
VIDEOLAR 02     8x,6x,4x
VIDEOLAR 03     16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
WFI A16002      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x

DVD-RW   supported media types:   43
80SONY-W0 -?    1x
CMCW02          2x
CMCW03          4x,2x
CMCW04          4x
DAXON_RW2X01    4x,2x
INFOMEDIA       2x
JVC-WD20        2x,1x
JVC/VictorT7    1x
JVC0VictorD7    4x,2x
JVC1Victord7    6x,4x
JVC2Victor<7    2x,1x
JVC_VictorW7    2x
MBI01RWG 20     4x,2x
MCC             4x
MCC 00RW11N9    2x
MCC 01RW11n9    2x
MCC 01RW4X      2x
MEI 02RW0002    1x
MKM 01RW6X01    6x,4x
MXLRW001M X    2x
OPTODISCK001    2x
OPTODISCW002    2x
OPTODISCW004    2x
OPTODISCW006    4x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCORW0004    4x,2x
PRINCORW2X01    2x
PVCW00V00245    2x
Prodisc DW04    2x
Prodisc DW06    4x,2x
ProdiscDVDRW    4x,2x
RITEKW01        2x
RITEKW04        4x,2x
RITEKW06        6x,4x
SONY000000U9    1x
TDK501saku=3    1x
TDK501saku]3    2x
TDK502sakuM3    2x
TDK601saku      4x,2x
TDK701saku      2x,1x
TDK701saku      6x,4x

DVD-RAM  supported media types:   21

Thanks ala42. Very interesting. I wonder if it will support burning at one speed higher. I notice that no 8x media shows at 12x, so this may be a good indication that it will.

Edit: Perhaps not now that the table has some 12x available for 8x media.

Hi, it’s finally on sale here in Singapore. US$32 or 21euro.

[QUOTE=Sen;2049965]Hi, it’s finally on sale here in Singapore. US$32 or 21euro.[/QUOTE]

Quickly post some findings if you grabbed one! :smiley: