Samsung sh-s203p

hi all ive noticed that there has been a few reviews about these drives ,
i brought one quickly at a buget price cost about £21 for one of the pcs, <sata>but every time i have to do a format job i have to replace the drive with an ide one, the bios sees the drive no problam and have played with all setting possable
but will not auto boot from cd even with boot setting set as read from dvd first,so eather its going in the bin and never bye one again lol
or there has to be a simple driver avalible for this model ? i havent tried it on another pc ,but as soon as windows is installed i can plug the drive back in and windows will see the drive then no problam ,
ive tried updateing bios with all fail
ive tried swaping sata cables and swaping sata ports
and im runing amd 6000+dc abit fatil1y mobo and only the one drive installed sh-203p
any advice would be greatfull
thank you for reading

Hi and Welcome!

how is your Sata controller configured in BIOS setup?
The only chance to boot off this drive for Windows installation is to have it configured in IDE compatible mode. And even then it is not sure if it works.

Additional options:
Is there something like a boot menu you can access by pressing a key?
Or play with boot priority - let the machine boot off Sata/SCSI whatever the options are.

You will run into this problem with any Sata optical drive regardless of brand, since this is a mainboard or controller related issue.


hi there thanks for your reply, ive not long taken out the cmos bat reset itself cause when i flashed it the pc relly did hang ,booted up whent back into bios, bios sees my h.d and the samsung drive checked a few things and for some reason it found my drive and picked it up boot from cd jobs sorted the only thing what was diffrent in the bios was the raid ata option was disabled ?
it picks drive up from dos now tidy many thanks

You’re Welcome! :slight_smile:
Glad you got it sorted. These Sata operation options are essential to run an optical Sata drive. But this also means, you can’t setup a Raid configuration.

An additional note:
When installing the chipset drivers, make sure Nvidia’s IDE/Sata drivers are not installed. You might use the “Custom” option in the installer to do so. Windows will then install its own drivers which are more compatible with optical drives than those from Nvidia. In case of trouble, you can still reinstall Nvidia IDE/Sata drivers.