Samsung SH-S203D: Scans and discussion here

Another :Z burn from my 203D, maybe it’s time to replace this drive.

TDK cd-r 52x@24x burned with imgburn.

please see below my horrible test results
this DVD burned on Samsung SH-S203D SB01 patched using Nero discspeed create disk
and the results when tested with quality scan came like the figs
could anyone tell me why my burner behave in that way !! or it is the time to through it from window !!!

Verbatim -R 16x @ 12x

JVC +R 16X @ 12X

Verbatim +R 16x @ 12x



Verbatim +R DL 8x @ 8x

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TDK +R 16x @ 8x

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Awful burn foe M01

Yes, most of the TDK media that I currently have all burn very poor. On the plus side i think that this was the last one,

So your other writers have similar results with this media?

My last M01, Philips-branded were also not good like my M01 I bought over 10 years ago, but much better than this.

I currently I only have the samsung installed, but i do remember similar result with other drives, with the M001 code.

The SH-S203D is technically the same as TS-H653B.. We have a H653B at home.
I wonder about the differences or why it needs two model numbers.
What does H653B even mean? (our old PC has this drive among H20N.).
TS stands for ToshibaSamsung.
The difference is probably the WriteMaster logo on the SH-S203.

SH-S203D = probably SuperHigh-Speed×20
Three (3) stands for SATA. The S183 had SATA while the S182 had UltraATA.

It´s hard to understand Samsung :wink:

In the time Samsung sold laptops in Germany the model numbers were totally different if you buy in an electronic discounter or on onlineshops.

In this case I guess the SH-model is offered by Samsung itself, the TS sold sometimes also as Toshiba-model and maybe as OEM-model because there is no brand-name visible in the model-name, at least for the standard-users.

Liteon-drives hide also it´s names in the PC, you can see only “ATAPI…”


The H653B/WriteMaster™ SH-S203 supports DVD-R DL at 12× CAV and DVD+R DL at up to 16× CAV.
Without dual layer, both up to ×20 CAV.

TDK performed very well in my tests actually.

Well with all the latest TDK media that i got, the last three to four years, all of them performed very bad. What can i say maybe I was unlucky when it comes to TDK DVD’s

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This disc drive is really a


It even is equipped with CD+G and CD+EG reading support!
InfraRecorder mentions some features that drives have just rarely preserve.

But this WriteMaster™ also boasts ×16 DVD+R DL and ×12 DVD-R DL.

Of course, speed may sacrifice quality. But the possibility of burning at high speeds is there.

Not to forget, ×12 DVD-RAM, ×32 CD-RW ZCLV and full CAV in ×24 CD-RW.
On DVD-R, a full reading speed of ×16 is reached. The BE14NU40 reaches these speeds only on DVD+R. DVD-R×12.

CD-R burning goes at ×48 P•CAV (starting at ×22.5).
LightScribe is also aboard. Not sure about LabelFlash.

CD-R/RW reading however stops at ×40. But for that purpose, I have GDR8162B, BE14NU40 and GDR-H20N.

On the GDR8162B for CD-R, the manual mentions:
Hold eject button theee seconds to enable ×48 temporarily. Not for partially cracked discs. HL-DT-ST warranty covers no explosions.

H20N achieves ×52 on CD-R DAE.
GDR8162B achieved full ×48 on CD-RW with increased laser trimmer/potentiometer, also on DAE. But this made CD-R unreadable temporarily due to too high signal reflectivity. Only CD-RWs with dark inner ring were readable. This dark inner ring normally renders it unreadable for many drives.
GDR8162B also detects several damaged factory CDDA’s as CD-RW.

The “M” in “Master” from “WriteMaster™” logo (no SVG version on Wikipedia unfortunately) is exactly the inverted W without the writing trails.

I have many writers with 12x +R DL but never had a disc which I can burn faster than 10x (speed offered by Pioneer 215 and 221 (QSI)), mostly 8x is the limit

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