Samsung SH-S203B Winlogon.exe Prob

Just installed a new OEM SH-S203B, on SATA 2 which MOBO recognizes as IDE3, (is this my first mistake?) C:/ boots on SATA1, since installing have had three maybe four system crashes, first one before installing Samsung Liveupdate prog from supplied disc, 1st, screen went black before liveupdate install and rebooted, subsequent crashes, got error message saying- “winlogon.exe has encounted a prob and needed to close”
then had to reboot.
Have now disconected SH-S203B and stopped Liveupdate running in tray, have read somewhere here that this can cause probs?

Think i will swap a HDD onto SATA 2 and put SH-S203B on SATA 3,4,5 or 6,
Then uninstall samsung LiveUpdate?
Has anyone had a similar prob?

Since last post i have moved a HDD from SATA 6 to 2, tested OK, shut down again, connected the SH-S203B to SATA 6, but would not boot up into WXP, recognised the drives on SATA 3-6, including the SH-S203B, but then got error message saying “NTLDR is missing, Press CTRL+Alt+Del to Restart” any help would be great on this please?

Cannot understand why it did boot on SATA2, drive seemed to work OK, but got system crashes?


this problem might not be related to your drives. Maybe your RAM is bad. Test them with Memtest please.
Also try with only one stick of RAM.


Hi mciahel,
Thanks for that, i have had probs with RAM. one socket, the third one, does not seem to work, must have knocked it, have Crucial 512MB sticks in 1,2 and 4, they semed to work OK till i installed this DVD SATA writer, why would it show up when i installed this DVD?
Will try Memtest

when i got this prob (SH-S203B worked OK when trying on SATA2), tried changing boot order, it was checking CD Drive first, , changed boot order back to floppy, then HDD, but still got prob, disconnected SH-S203B, prob went away instantly, this points to the SH-S203B?

I’m thinking, its a duff drive, (but it worked on SATA2, but seemed to cause WXP crashes) or have I got my BIOS configured incorrectly for a DVD Burner on SATA 3-6?,
SATA 3-6 are controlled by a Silicon Image 3114 PCI Chip,
SATA 1-2 are controlled by the Southbridge,

with that old a bios and motherboard, I would think your only hope of getting that new sata drive to work is on the native sata 1 and 2 ports

you’ll need to adjust the settings in bios for onchip serial ata mode and onchip serial ata

with 8 drives and a 9800 vid card, power might be a definite issue, way overloaded a 480 power supply, even an antec neo

pull the odd stick of ram out

Thanks Chewy, will try pulling the third stick out in RAM 4,
Overloaded, have disconnected the Raptor to save as my next boot drive, and added the SH-S203B , Power has always seemed fine, no probs,
Will let you know,
Thanks, BD

you’ll need to adjust the settings in bios for onchip serial ata mode and onchip serial ata

Will read up on Mobo manual before adjusting more BIOS settings,
Decided to try SATA3-6 again and check Boot order, same error-
[I]“NTLDR is missing, Press CTRL+Alt+Del to Restart”[/I]

Boot order checked out OK,

Tried changing “Boot other device” from enabled to disabled, no joy,

So, tried the SH-S203B back on SATA2, left RAM, which, yes, could be a prob,
i.e. a stick of RAM not quite inserted properly, i’ve had it before,
But that was not a prob before or after i first disconneted the SH-S203B,

Has been going OK on SATA2 for about two hours, no-
[I]“winlogon.exe has encounted a prob and needed to close”[/I]

Not ripped or burnt anything with the SH-S203B yet, doing a complete Spyware scan on all HDD’s to see if anything can corrupt winlogon.exe,
Will rip and burn some stuf over a few days to check things out,
Noticed that Samsung say in sparse info for a OEM drive, to install on SATA 1 or 2, cannot understand why, other people have got SATA DVD drives running OK on SATA 3-6, but SH-S203B refuse’s to boot at all on SATA 3-6,
will get back.