Samsung SH-S203B vs Pioneer DVR-212


I was contemplating getting the Pioneer DVR-212 until I read some posts on the Samsung. Now I’m not too sure whether I should go for the Samsung instead :confused:

I’ll be using the DVD drive to backup data and ripping DVDs as well as CDs. I tend to use DVD-R/RWs rather than DVD+R/RWs. I also use Riteks, Datasafe and Ridics DVDs. Quality and reliabilty of the resulting burn is important.

I’ve read about scanning - Am I right that this is only used to check the quality of the resulting copy? Is there any more use of scanning? If not, it seems unimportant for my needs.

Also read about bitsetting which I think is not important if I use DVD-R/RW media.

Should I still go for the Pioneer DVR-212? Or is the Samsung SH-S203B a better drive to go for :confused:

Thanks for any advice!

I have exactly the same question, except that to me accurate ripping/reading of all types of media (including old & scratched dvd’s) is much more important than quick burns.

I am also considering the Pioneer DVR-212 (18x, Sata, black).
Any advice apreciated.

i have the exact same question… im also throwing the lg and lite on in the mix though… is there somewhere we can get this answered better??

someone help please… ??

If you haven’t seen it, CD Freaks has started a feature wherein some of us members vote for the drives we like most and give reasons why. The voting for January to March is still going on, and many users comment on why they like the drive they like. So you might be able to go look and see what people are saying about their drives.

It’s listed as Top 5 Opticat Drives [for XXX to XXX] Cast Your Vote, in the Read Firsts. It’s also in the list of announcements. :flower:

Samsung 203B is very overrated thus the higher votes .

What people that liked Samsung 203B so much had failed to do was to compare the 203B against other quality burners with perfectly consistent blank DVD media from the same spindle . I did that and EVERY other burner I have did way better job in burning most media I use .
To be honest , it is the best CD-R burner out there and it is an excellent reader , but DVD+R/-R quality is very questionable specially when looking at jitter .

I would say : Get the 212 or better the 215 :slight_smile:

so what else should i look at instead then?? thank you in advance

Hi,[QUOTE=armada;1967094]so what else should i look at instead then??[/QUOTE]get a Pioneer and a Samsung. The Pioneer is an excellent DVD writer, the Samsung has very nice reading capabilities, and it is a very good CD burner also.


how is the pioneer at burning cd’s and reading??

The Samsung S203B is both a great reader and a great burner.
I’ve never tried the Pioneer, but I’ve tried many other DVD-RWs and rarely get hyped about a drive and was very skeptical against the S203B, but once I got it I was blown away by its performance.

Not sure where minaelromany ngot his ‘overrated’ point of view from, but doubt that the Pioneer has been used by too many users at all.

Hi,[QUOTE=armada;1967669]how is the pioneer at burning cd’s and reading??[/QUOTE]My SH-S203B is slightly better than my Pioneer 112D. Also, the Samsung has the much better DAE feature set.
Also, the Samsung could read bad discs, other drives couln’t. No comment on the Pioneer since I own this drive only for a couple of days, and I had no opportunity to test some bad discs.
btw I don’t mind about reading speeds, but if I remember correctly, both drives are restricted by their manufacturers.


so are these the 2 to get or should i consider the optiarc or lg and lite on drives as well?? or are those really not even worth looking at when comparing them to the pioneer and samsung?? thanks again…

the models i am looking to pick from are:

lite on: LH-20A1S
lg: GSA-H62NK
optiarc: AD-7190S
samsung: SH-S183L and SH-S203B
asus: DRW-2014L1T
and the pioneer… thanks again