Samsung SH-S203B vs. Pioneer DVR-112D

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could give me some give me their opinion of if I should get the SH-S203B or the DVR-112D?

Some questions I have about the drives:
when setting the booktype in the Samsung SH-S203B can you leave it on DVD-ROM or do you need to set it to this before burning each DVD?

I’m going to be using this drive with a laptop…would it be advisable to do the sata-usb conversion with :

Any other info would be appreciated :slight_smile:



can anyone give me their opinion on the sata-usb conversion cable? Will it affect anything in a negative way (burn, max write speed, etc.) Pretty please!



Unless you know what USB chipset is in that adapter, there’s no guarantee that you will achieve the maximum potential with either drive. Also, that’s just an I/O adapter, how will you power the drive? Are you looking at external enclosures as well?

Getting an external enclosure for the SH-203B so you get better quality burns then using your laptop burner is great choice. There are suggestions on different external enclosures in the Samsung forum. As for drive performance in a enclosure? Hard to say, it really depends on the enclosure. The SH-203B is great all-around burner as I’m sure you already noticed, since you narrowed your search down to two great burners.

Hi :slight_smile:
The Pioneer will be slightly easier to match to a caddy.
It can be crossflashed to give auto bitsetting.
Produces quality burns with a wide range of media.
The 203 will work in an external caddy, the best way way is to go for a PCI card to enable eSATA capability.
Bitsetting has to be done each & everytime, unless the s/w (like Nero & ImgBurn) does this.
Faster quality burns than Pioneer but for the quality the media has to be generally speaking top notch.

I’m similarly torn, although I’m looking at the DVR-212D (a better comparison since the 112D is IDE only) and I want to stick with SATA.

Anyway my current drive is an older NEC ND3540, which although a great burner is a crappy ripper. The slightest scratch and it’ll give up.

It very much seems from what I’m reading is that Samsung has the faster drive but Pioneer has better burn quality.

How are they for ripping scratched or otherwise less-than-perfect discs?

I have both drives and I have to agree that this is a really good assessment :iagree: .

The Pioneer seems able to burn even marginal discs successfully; sometimes I think it would get good burns from a dinner plate:bigsmile: .

But if the discs are good and you’re in a hurry, then the Samsung will burn them much faster - and often with nearly as good quality. Also, the Samsung provides good scanning capability (at least mine does), virtually equivalent to a LiteOn scan (except for the lack of a jitter report).

So I guess either is reasonable for me since I only use Taiyo Yuden Premiums.

That said, can you tell me which is the better ripper (even for near-dinner plate quality source discs)?