Samsung SH-S203B Region Woes

I got my new Samsung SH-S203B last week, had no problems with it until last night when I noticed I could not play any of my retail DVDs. After narrowing it down, I found that the region code for the drive had not been set, easy fix… that is until I found that I had zero region changes remaining, despite the fact that I haven’t touched the region settings since I installed the drive.

Anyone here have any ideas? The only thing I’ve done to the drive since I got it was update the firmware to SB01. Samsung’s ODD website is a joke, and I haven’t had any luck finding help for my issue there.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.

EDIT: Would the software forum be a better place for this thread?

if i were you id send it back as it is still under warranty or you could try a website where they give you fixes to make it region free but i dont know if i would reccomend that

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If the drive reads & writes OK, other than the problem you’ve just mentioned.
Then the drive is good.
As for your problem, as mentioned by gollum456 (welcome onboard to you too. :iagree::clap:). You could flash with rpc1 f/w(to be found here… )
Alternatively you could use s/w, like AnyDVD.
Using s/w would mean your warranty would stay intact.

Thanks zebadee, I guess I wasn’t very thorough when I looked for an RPC-1 firmware for this drive. I flashed my NEC 3540 to RPC-1, but this was my first Samsung and I guess I didn’t look in the right places, otherwise I would’ve just flashed it with this and it would’ve been a non-issue.

Thanks again.

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