Samsung SH-S203B OEM vs. Retail

Any big difference from the OEM to the retail drive?. Same thing or major differences?

I think most here have got the OEM from Newegg. I have two of the OEM’s and both burn well. Oem may (and probably not) come with any thing but a bare drive, no mounting screws, no software, no cables (although some have received one or more of the items). Hit and miss on any extra items.

Hi guys…i have yet to see a retail Samsung SH-S203B. I have no need for one but mine say Samsung on them anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone seen a retail version of this drive? I have not heard of any reports of these. Not that I think it will be different in any way. Just probably more expensive, cause they sure cant make them any cheaper.:bigsmile:

No i haven’t seen any Alan.

The good thing about the S203B’s showing up in builds more and more this will give CDF’s a break and us head hunters :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

You know you right. I searched and searched and there is RETAIL but not in U.S… Ok so i will order from newegg, I actually don’t need the drive and just bought 3 BenQ DW1655 a few days ago from newegg. I mean i have to stop. Im up to like 16 DVD drives. What the heck only live once right guys? Then you get married and LMFAO, Thank you…Plus then you get old. I just hope these babies Booktype ok as its a must for me anyway. Thank you.

pretty sure its at my best buy. light scribe version tho. i’ll go back and make sure if i get time, but i was sure box said s203b. had clerk ring it for me, came up as $89.99.


Wendy has. Her review drive came as retail:

Our review drive was a retail version. Let’s take a look at the packaging.

She’s not in the U.S. thats why she found a retail drive. I seen the retail drive searching through the net in europe only. Not a one in the U.S., I purchased the OEM. Same thing i don’t need the cables etc because im going to make it external anyway and run it into a expresscard eSATA controller anyway using a Galaxy Metal Gear Box model 5202AUAS. So im not gonna lose any speed but it will also will give me the option to run it USB 2.0 also which would lower the speed of the burner.

I saw a retail one at the local Best Buy. SATA Sammy said 203N/B on the box, didn’t check any further though.

Just bought the retail version from Best Buy. I bought an oem as soon as they were released, but got this one today because the box says it is the SH-203N/B, sata version, with lightscribe. I just opened the box and sure enough, the driver tray has the lightscribe logo on it. So far, this would be one big difference between the oem and the retail version.

I won’t be able to add it to my rig until tomorrow, at which point I will verify the lightscribe feature.


The drive is normally the same with bulk and retail versions.
Here in germany, retail Samsung drives come with

[ul][li]3 front plates (beige, black and silver)
[/li][li]Nero disc
[/li][li]Installation instructions
[/li][li]Screws and cable[/ul]
[/li]Bulk drives are the plain drive without any accessories. Sometimes a Nero disc is added.

OEM drives might be different in firmware (not necessarily but not impossible) and frontplate, depending on the company the drive was made for. The drive might come with additional accessories like Nero disc etc., also depending on the vendor.


I’m really interested in the retail US version of the S203B, with those three faceplates. Dire need of a silver faceplate. Any links where I can get a hold of these faceplates?


I don’t know if the US retail versions also come with three frontplates.
But since the frontplates are interchangeable between the 16x, 18x (and probably the 20x) drives, you may find a frontplate on ebay or so.
I have a silver one from my 182 lying around in my drawer :wink:
The black and the silver plate from my drive were unprinted btw - no logos at all.


If anyone wants a 10% or 12% Best Buy coupon to use until October 10, 2007 here’s the link for it:

I don’t need anymore S203B drives but with that coupon you can get a discount if you’re buying one. :bigsmile:

There are TWO retail versions. The 202 and the 203. The 202 is a PATA interface, and the 203 is the SATA. The PATA SH-S202N does NOT appear to support double layer recording, according to the specs on the BB website, UNLESS Best Buy doesn’t know its specs from its elbow…interestingly, the photo on the BB webite of the BOX shows the lightscribe logo, but lists the model as just SH-S202 with NO suffix. Plus, it clearly states “double layer DVD+R 16x/DVD-R 12x” on the box at the bottom, but the specs on BB make NO mention of double layer.

ONLY the 202 PATA version is listed on the website. What’s in the store?

[B]Shawn1998[/B]: You stated the BestBuy drive was SATA. Is the model you got from Best Buy 203, then? Please verify that you got the 203 from a Best Buy store. Also, please let us know if the BB 203N supports double layer or not. THANKS!

Do you actually trust the Best Buy website? If so you need your head examined lol. Two of us stated that the 203N/B retail version is available at Best Buy, I stated earlier it said SATA on the box. The 203 drives are SATA, 202 are PATA and both support double layer. No current DVD drive made is not gonna support dual layer.

Sorry, realized this as you were posting and edited my post to correct my question. Mea culpa. I guess I was the one that was confused between 202 and 203, since only the 202 is listed on the BB website. Interestingly, BB appears to be the only place to offer the retail versions at this moment. Good point about trusting the Best Buy website…or BB in general, for that matter.

I’ve seen various “bulk/OEM” versions with or without software packages…


Ah, “retail” is labelled as [B]RSMN[/B]…

Another bezel is included too.


I still confused and want to know the EXACT model number of the Samsung SH-S203B , RETAIL BLACK version.

Plz name the model of RETAIL + BLACK of the above device.