Samsung SH-S203B doesn't burn my CD-RW

These CD-RW are rather old (TDK 4x speed).
Actually, I see softwares like MagicISO burn the cd, it goes very quick (too quick) and ends normally at first sight. But when I look in Explorer, they are still empty. Tried it under Vista and XP with same result.

Could it be that these cd’s are too slow for the burner ?

I have several of them and none of them burns.
Although reading these cd’s is now problem at all.

Any idea ?


insert such a disc and run Nero CD/DVD speed. Check the “Disc Info” tab and report back please.


Nero DiscSpeed: Disc Info
Schijftype: : CD-RW
Fabrikant: : Plasmon
MID : 97m27s10f
Schrijfsnelheden: : 4 X
Capaciteit: : 74:41.00
: 656 MB
Uitgebreide informatie
Gebruik : General
Schijfstatus : Leeg
Onbewerkte data
0000 - D1 00 C6 00 61 1B 0A 00 4A 29 00 00 02 4A B0 00 - …a…J)…J…
0010 - 5C C6 26 00 00 80 80 00 - .&…

When I want to write, I get a “calibration error” (see picture).
I also have a Philips CD-RW 4 - 10x speed and that’s no problem for the Samsung.

Seems that there is no real support for those discs yet…

Plasmon isn’t the best manufacturer, even less so for RW discs I would imagine.

The problem-free Philips disc is probably manufactured by someone else.

You don’t say if you’ve used this TDK (Plasmon) disc in the past, if you have it could also be past its prime…

Well, this is the disc info from the Philips CD-RW :

Nero DiscSpeed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : CD-RW
Manufacturer: : unknown
MID : 97m27s00f
Write speeds: : 10 X
Capacity: : 74:12.00
: 652 MB
Extended Information
Usage : General
Disc Status : Open
Raw Data
0000 - B3 00 CE 00 61 1B 00 00 4A 0C 00 00 24 1A D8 00 - …a…J…$…
0010 - 26 B2 4A 00 00 80 80 00 - &.J…

As you see, manufacturer unknown but it works.
And yes, I used these TDK’s on my previous DVD-writer which was a LiteOn.
The text on the TDK also says that optimal compatibility is established with all CD-RW writers with recording speeds up to 4x.
Perhaps it’s just a compatibility issue.

Manufacturer info is just guessing from the ATIP.

And only the ATIP is what counts here (and for the burner).

I did a search on that ATIP and it appears it’s “free for use” meaning any manufacturer could use it. So I didn’t find out who the manufacturer was.