Samsung SH-S202 problem....Help!

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Samsung SH-S202J / TS-H652J. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]hi guys, i previously qouted a question that my above mentioned writer is not working in vista sp1.nobody replied to that , i dont under stand u guys u have started this forum to help guys like me, but i suppose there is no one to help me…(nevermind that).i was just doing experiments when i find a strange thing.somebody on this forum refered to software that detects upper and lower filters of your drive.i executed that program and found a strange thing.the program indicated that there are no upper or lower filters defined.but on the same time when i executed the same file in my Xp it showed some stuff like some Atpi.sys on my upper and nothing in my lower filter.guys i just want to know that if there is some problem with my drivers. i am having A8N SLI Delux board with on latest nvidia chipset drivers.please help me i know that there is something that i am missing i just need ur help

Is the drive recognized by the devicemanager?

yes chef the device is recognised by the device manager i am posting the result of my devfilter program

Filter Driver Load Order

Upper Filter Drivers: No Upper Filter Drivers specified for this device.
Device Object: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202J ATA Device
Lower Filter Drivers: No Lower Filter Drivers specified for this device

The filters managing scheme has changed within vista, AFAIK.
Can the drive read CD & DVD?
Is it recognized by Imgburn or Nero?

[B]Can the drive read CD & DVD[/B]? no it cannot the progress bar hangs up for several minutes when i insert any media into the drive
[B]Is it recognized by Imgburn or Nero[/B]?yes nero recognise the drive with proper description but do not burn any thing

hello guys i thought you will be giving me some solution.,but ok now i understand there is nothing that u can do…?
ok than that will be last post of mine…
thanks chef for probing for my solution


can you boot from a bootable CD or DVD?
Maybe you just need to uninstall the ide/ATAPI channels in devicemanager and restart.

yes i can do everything unltill i get into Vista OS.i installed vista from DVD from same drive.but as soon as the vista is on nothing reading no burning etc


is there any error indicator in device manager?

You might also try if it helps to uninstall Nvidia IDE drivers using the Nvidia installer located at Control Panel -> Add/Remove software.