Samsung SH-S183L Dirt Cheap

Wow, I guess DVD burners have officially reached “dirt cheap” status when you can get an 18x, Lightscribe capable, SATA model for under $30 shipped (no rebates):

Thanks ordered 2 more.

Out of stock, now.

thats fast, OOS

Back in stock!

Out of stock again.

Do you guys know if this drive works with Verbatim DVD-R?


I’ll give it a greenlight. You are good to go, but the drive is currently out of stock right now.


Many people complain about issues with DVD-R and Samsung SH-S18x drives. You might have a look in the Samsung forum.


Thanks, maybe I’ll just stick with the Memorex DVD-R, works great!!!

If you decide to buy an 18x Samsung drive, then feed it with DVD+R media, not with DVD-R, regardless of brand :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I already have this drive, purchased couple weeks ago, and I noticed BB has a 50 pack of Verbatims on sale. So I thought I would give them a try. I presently use the memorex -R’s and rarely make a coaster, maybe 1 out of 100.

[B]Lead Time: Out of Stock[/B]


Have fun w/ book type setting in any Samsung. :bigsmile:

If I were you, make that memorex spindle your last, the truth revealed when you scan them for errors. Next time you see Verbatim go on sale, get them, get the +R since you have Sammy drive

Ok ghetocowboy, I may get some of the +R’s tomorrow, and give them a try in this sammy. When you say errors, I have never seen them in the movies I watch, they are flawless copies, at least that the eye can see.

Haven’t you come across this thread yet? :slight_smile:

Back in stock as off 07/12/07 @11:51PM mountain time

:iagree: grab them if you can.