Samsung SH-S183A semi incompatibility with Asus A8N32-SLI?

Hi all,

I got a Samsung SH-S183A drive a few weeks ago and I had no problems with it until I decided to reformat. This is where it started to become problematic because it seems that when I don’t have Windows XP installed, my DVD drive isn’t fully compatible because when I boot the Windows XP disc as it’ll BSOD while loading installation files prior the partitioning stage of the installation.

I decided to try my Liteon IDE DVD drive and have no problems whatsoever :confused:. I’ve tried both Nvidia and Silicon Image SATA chips and both of them does the same thing. The strange thing is that when I install Windows XP using my IDE drive, I can plug in my Samsung SH-S183A drive and have no such problems!

Can anybody please help me? :o

The 183A is a SATA drive and you can’t boot from any SATA drive. Furthermore you need a driver from the motherboard manufacturer to use SATA drives.

Are you sure about that? Then how is it possible for that to boot my Windows XP CD fine with my Samsung drive? (Well from the exception of the BSOD that occurs later) :doh:

I thought the NF4 didn’t need drivers for a single SATA hardware? :confused:

Windows XP has no SATA support on its own. My Motherboard with a VIA PT880 has two SATA ports. I have one SATA HD (not the boot drive). When I install XP the SATA disc only becomes visible, after I have installed VIA’s SATA driver. As far as I know NVIDIA has one big driver package for each particular chip set. Again SATA drives will only become available after you have installed this driver package. As you probably have done this, you will no more experience problems with SATA drives.

I think what [B]kassandro[/B] wrote is absolutely correct. :wink:

Can’t you load the SATA driver via floppy/USB and F6 (similar to software RAID)?


and you can’t boot from any SATA drive.


Indeed, there is no reason, why you shouldn’t boot from a SATA drive. The problem is, that Windows setup recognises the SATA chipset and refuses to continue using the generic drivers then.

I thought the NF4 didn’t need drivers for a single SATA hardware?
I am not familiar with Nforce chipset, but maybe you have to do some adjustments for the IDE controller in BIOS setup.


I’ve got my RAID drivers slipstreamed with my Windows XP installation disc since I use a RAID 0 setup and I’m sure it has the SATA single and RAID drivers included because RAID requires the single drivers to be slipstreamed along with it if I remember correctly.

I’ll have to do some trial and error with my drivers and see what I can do. I’ll report back :iagree:

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

This is an operating mode, that is not compatible with optical drives.


I think the nForce has a compatibility layer as I was able to install Windows XP just fine, just the same way as I would with an IDE HD.
You know, if I have a fresh Windows installed without any extra drivers, the SATA stuff looks like a bunch of IDE channels. The hard drive is at Ultra DMA Mode 6 or something like that then…

Sorry for not making sense in my previous post, what I meant was that I’m using SATA ports 1 and 2 for my RAID 0 HDD setup and port 3 for my Samsung drive.

I tried installing Windows again and now this time it was a success. I guess I fixed it by burning another copy without using nLite’s built in ISO feature which I’ve heard not many people have had success with after searching :doh:

But! There’s another problem that I didn’t mention in my first post which was that whenever I install Windows XP with my SATA DVD drive, the Windows installation does not reboot properly after the formatting and copying files stages as it’ll just say “Windows rebooting” forever until I reset the PC myself.

A similar problem also occurs during the next stage after the reboot where it’s installing Windows and then it tries to reboot but with no success as it’ll just have a blank blue background with the cursor there waiting to be rebooted until I reset the PC myself.

When Windows XP has been fully installed, it now reboots properly without me having to reset the PC, has anyone else suffered from this weird problem? :confused:

I’ve been using NForce chipsets for all of my builds since the NForce 2 chipsets came out several years ago. I always used to use a floppy at the F6 portion of the install to load the sata drivers. I have recently found out that this is not necessary. An XP cd with sp2 does not need any drivers loaded at the F6 prompt (or slipstreamed for that matter) to use the native onboard NVidia sata ports. If you intend to run a RAID setup, then you would need them. I have since loaded three different NForce 4 motherboards, including an Asus variant, this way and have had no issues.

It is total mis-information to state that you cannot boot from a sata drive, wether it be an optical sata drive (ie a Plextor or Samsung, which I use both) or a hard drive. I found out that I had been doing it wrong all of this time when I tried loading XP onto an Asus P5NSLI motherboard, using a Plextor 755SA and a WD Raptor hd. I wasn’t using any RAID mode, just a simple install to a single hard drive. I loaded sata drivers at the F6 prompt and it would get as far as the first reboot. Upon reboot, XP would not continue loading, it would go to a black screen.
After some research, I found that loading anything at the F6 prompt for a basic non-RAID install was not only not necessary, but it screwed up installing XP.

To recap, if you are not using RAID and installing XP onto an Nforce 4-based motherboard, do not load any sata/RAID drivers at the F6 prompt. All this will do is cause major issues when you try and complete your XP install.



agreed :iagree: but it depends on the SATA chipset that is used. Nvidia in “IDE mode” works, most PCI controllers don’t (at least Windows NT5 setup fails). Also, VIA chipset (haven’t tried yet) seems to be problematic.

[quote]To recap, if you are not using RAID and installing XP onto an Nforce 4-based motherboard, do not load any sata/RAID drivers at the F6 prompt. All this will do is cause major issues when you try and complete your XP install./QUOTE]Not using RAID, this is the magic :iagree:
Very nice article :bow:


The only option for [B]JonathanW[/B] using RAID would be not to install from the SATA drive then.

Hmm… it seems to be a hit or miss with my Windows installation, sometimes it would BSOD or have copying file problems and sometimes it’ll proceed the installation normally but with me having to reset the PC myself when it wants to restart whereas it can’t.

I suspect it must be conflicting with the RAID 0 HDD setup because the Samsung SATA DVD RW drive is displayed under the list detecting arrays below my RAID 0 array on Nvidia’s MediaShield IDE ROM BIOS unless this is normal?

I’ve got 3sata hdd and 2IDE hdd on Sil Image add on card at a time I installed window XP window recognized all 3 sata but not Sil Image add on , window then asked which drive do I want to format and install window. I found out later that Nvidia IDE driver and Nvidia firewall stuffs caused a lot of problems (bsod,freeze,random reboot whatever you name it) I had to reinstall fresh window without Nvidia IDE and firewall I use window default IDE driver. And “yes” window will boot from HDD sata. Make sure you connect to Sata not Raid. Asus board has 2 options. I think sata is in black color connection,Raid is in red color.

Yes, the firewall, that may be something. Is it switched off in your BIOS, [B]JonathanW[/B]?