Samsung SH-S183A Problem

I bought the Samsung SH-S183A SATA drive early this year and everything worked great till today. I tried to burn a CD-R but Nero 7 just reports that there is no CD in the drive. Tried with several CD’s & DVD-R’s but I get the same message. Tried playing a DVD movie but seems like the drive is not recognising any media. Has anyone else had this problem? Is my drive dead?

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Try it in another pc if you can. Then you will know for sure i’d say.

Thank you for the quick reply & kind words :slight_smile: Unfortunately I don’t have any means of trying it on another PC. Is there any other way to find out if a burner is dead?

No friends with pc’s? Well you could go buy another drive and see if it works but that’s up to you.

That’s about the only we CDFer’s tell people to test them. So i really don’t have any other way sorry. If you take it in for repair they will test it with their machines.

Appreciate the assistance. I guess am just desperate & hoping that it’s not dead as am in the middle of an intensive online course. Would suck though to go and buy a new one only to find out that that wasn’t the problem. Will have to hang in there without a burner for the next three weeks. Cheers :slight_smile:

sigh :frowning:

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btw Welcome at CDfreaks :slight_smile:

Sorry for the mess up. Tough day here, flunked one paper in school & my burner is dead :frowning:
Once again thank you for the welcome. Wish my burner was as resilient & friendly as you guys :slight_smile:


see if you can boot your system off a bootable CD. I’d prefer the Ultimate Boot CD or a Knoppix CD, but a Windows install CD should work also (but you have to look after the “press key to boot from CD” prompt).