Samsung SH S183A is there only OEM black?

Samsung SH S183A- is it only available in OEM & black[/B]

I posted thread a week ago - ‘what is best latest cd/dvd burner for quality audio’

Got a few helpful remarks but nothing convincing.
and most of my questions unanswered.

A review I found today about SH S183A sounded very good far as I can tell is only available in OEM, black facia, no cable pack.

I want complete set incl. cables, beige/silver bezel etc.

Samsung web site spec on model does not indicate if such is available. Same with shop keepers.

Can anybody owning this new model advise on above plus -

  1. Reliable ? 2) Good quality audio CD performance ?


What’s your location?

Sydney, Australia.
Second best city in the world.