Samsung SH-S183A fails to write on RICOHJPN D01 media :(


I have some quite expensive DL media from Philips, RICOHJPN D01. But even at slowest write speed, my Samsung SH-183A fails to write to them, it starts, and after 50-96%, it destroys the disc, Nero breaks the whole process and ejects the disc saying the burn process failed.

The worst thing is that these discs from Ricoh produce excellent results in my LG H10N and my BenQ 1640 drive, but the Samsung simply makes coasters :frowning: is that normal for this drive? I am so angry, I’d like to replace that ******* writer :a

Just use better media… Recommended DL is Verbatim DL, always.

Yes, I know that Verbatim is recommended, but I was just curious, and that media burns well on my other writers, only the Samsung fails. :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:
The Samsung SH-S203B will write to this media. But the results are only just OK (playable).
But would still recommend Verbatim. :iagree: :bigsmile: