Samsung SH-S183A fails to spin down before eject


with some media, I have a big problem using my Samsung SH-S183A writer: normally, before I press the “Eject” button at the front, the disc is spinned down, and then the tray opens.

However, when I use a Sony DVD+RW (Media Code: Sony S11 000), which writes and reads flawlessly in that drive, and eject this disc, the disk is spinning on the tray after ejecting, i.e. it is not slowed down before the opening of the tray. Is that normal? Can you try if you can reproduce this with your drive? I have tried with several discs of this type, and it always seems to happen, but only with discs with that media code.



Did you booktype that +RW?

Hi Chef,

no I didn’t booktype it, it’s booktype “DVD+RW”, why is this important to this topic?


Not anymore, but sometimes it matters.

If its really only with that brand, then try to avoid them…
Who knows what Sony did there… maybe they have used another +RW revision…

I’ve only had it happen to me once on an S182M. I believe I had just oversped a Verbatim DVD-R (media code MCC 03RG20) 16x to 18x and attempted to scan it. I pressed the eject button, and it sounded as if the drive was only spinning down to 1x (after you have stopped accessing the disk, but haven’t yet ejected it). I pressed the eject button some more to help hurry the process along, and lo and behold, there was a plastic-to-plastic sound and the disc was still spinning. It happened a few days ago, and I only remember because I was worried the drive was going to ruin an otherwise perfect disk. I can’t say for sure that I will have the problem again, but I know it happened that day.

[untested, unproven, and 100% hypthetical theory coming]
My very off-the-wall theory for my situation is that the has a preset time to open the tray, probably taking into account that the optical assembly is at its home position and any disc inside will only take a short amount of time to spin down from that point. I suppose when I pressed the eject button right after I had sent the command to stop scanning, the drive took it’s time to spin down only to a lower speed (possibly as a result of a residual software command), returned the optical assembly to the inner track, and (erroneously) assumed that everything was okay to open the tray as normal.

Also a (more likely) possibility is that, for that isolated incident, the drive’s timing was way off, it wasn’t reading its RPMs correctly (I had just burned at 18x and partially scanned the disc), and it proceeded to eject, thinking that it was safe.

This drive seems to have a pretty rigid and proper setup to eject the disc, by what I can tell from the accoustics the drive produces [I usually hear the disc spin down and the optical assembly seek home]. But maybe (since it has happened), with the combination of environment (system setup–hardware, software, etc), media/media type, and usage patterns, it can occur more than once. Or I could be blowing hot air and it just be one of those random occurances that had no real cause.


thanks alot for your reply, the strange thing with my drive is: it always happens, reproducably, but only with this special kind of disks, I have tried several of these, and it happens with all of them. All other disks I used so far spin down correctly. A coincidence? Does anybody have some Sony S11 DVD+RW to test with his own drive?



Are the Sony S11 the 4x discs?

If so, I have a few at home that I can try in the S183A drive I have here at work. The drive came with a new Lenovo desktop and started life as the H653A before I crossflashed it to the S183A.

Should be 4x.

SONY -S11-00 [ 4x ]
SONY -S21-00 [ 6x, 8x ]

Yes, those are 4x DVD+RW disks. I am really looking forward to your tests, thanx alot :slight_smile:

No problem, but you’ll have to wait about 12 hours before I’m back at work :slight_smile:

Now at work …

I used ImgBurn to create an ISO image with it set to eject the tray on completion. The disc was not spinning when ejected.

I then copied one of the VOBs using Windows Explorer and hit the eject button as soon as it was complete. Again, the disc wasn’t spinning.

Jackie, is there something more specific you would like me to try?

Thanx mankmeister, have you tried simply inserting the disc, waiting a few seconds, and then pressing eject? I can reproduce this behaviour with my S11 discs anytime, either it’s another batch of media, or something is wrong with my drive :frowning:

No, I didn’t try that, will try in the morning and report back.

I’ve just tried inserting the disc, waiting a few seconds and then hitting eject. The disc wasn’t spinning.

I repeated this a few times with the same result.

Thanx alot mankmeister, I have tried at my place (my 183 is in the computer at home, not at the office), and I can really reproduce this behaviour, but only with this kind of disc. Even after writing with nero and ejecting after verify, the disc is still spinning inthe drives’ tray, which really bothers me.

Firmware is SB02, has anybody an idea what might cause this?



What info is on the disc. DVD revision, version??

I’m not sure if this will be of any use but it certainly won’t be without reporting it!

I had exactly the same thing happen to me with dell version of the SH-W163A EXCEPT it was with all 3 seperate 5-10 VERBATIM DVD+RWs <Media code = MKMA02> size boxes i bought ( but still excellent read and write of compressed Acronis TI .tib images in this aswell as my other drives). I wasn’t sure if it was regarded as something wrong with the drive that was essential to fix/damaging and it remained untill i replaced it ( due to another unrelated problem) with its next generation version with which this “still spinning + so skidding in the tray on ejection” anomally was not present…

I bet its a firmware quirk this time.