Samsung sh-s182m

Has anybody had any sucess with the samsung sh-s182m burner using the light scribe feature?
What is the best burner for lightscribe?

The samsung does a nice job with lightscribe, I have had good results with the Benq 1655 also.

I have Samsung SH-S182M and Lightscribe works like charm in Nero.

I just had to install LS system software -

It appears that this link is for an Update. Do you have a link to the Full program?

I just got this Samsung SH-S182M, and it came [B]without[/B] the instalation disc!!
Does anyone know where I might get a copy from Samsung? Is there a link to download it, or do I even NEED it for the LightScribe? I also have Nero

This is my first Samsung Drive. I’ve always udes LiteOn and BenQ. HELP, please!! :eek:


Welcome to the forum; here is a link where you will find the lightscribe stuff you need.