Samsung SH-S182M won't read DVDs it makes

I can Burn a DVD fine, can’t read it, just shows up blank.

Funny, I had this problem with me NEC-1300A, that’s why I bought the replacement.

System: Asus A7V8X, AMD 1600+, 256MB RAM, Nero
Media: Verbatim DVD+R. 16x, UPC 023942-950370 and Memorex 16x DVD-R (unsure on UPC)

Burning and reading back CDR works fine, so I kind of doubt it’s a bad IDE cable, but I’ll let you folks take a stab at it. I’m stumped, I really thought I just wore out the old NEC1300A.

Then burn with verify and so you will see if its the media/drive or just some creepy driver/software.

I can’t find the "verify written data setting in this new Nero. Can someone help?

Found it. CD burner locks up at verifying, the little light flases about twice the speed as when I’m burning and it never reads.

Could my 350Watt PSU be the problem?

Do you have problems reading pressed DVD-ROM? Try the drive on another computer or get a bigger power supply and see if the problems is still there.

Haven’t actually tried pressed DVD or one I made sucessfully with the old drive, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and report back.

I’m already 4 steps ahead of this problem. I have this exact same Samsung drive, SH-S182M. It didn’t even burn regular CDs (though it successfully read commercially-made audio/data CDs, and homemade audio/data CDs). So, the solution is, return it. Exchanged it for a LG drive. Just as good, still supports Light Scribe.

Reads pressed CDs, Burns and sucessfully reads CD-r. Sucessfully (if you’d call it that – no errors) burns DVD+/-R, fails to read them, no other drives read them.

No ther PC to test in, old DVD burner works 40% of the time (probably bad burner, it’s 4 years old and has seen thousands of discs) – I think yank it and return it is sounding better and beter, since it reads I hesitate to think it’s a bad cable/controller card. With the old one working fine and one day starting to fail and two weeks later getting progrssively worse and no other odd PC problems, I hesitate to blame the PSU.

Looks like I’m headed back to Best Buy.