Samsung SH-S182M Speed Problems

Hi, this is my fist post on this forum, with a question…I just bought a samsung sh-s182m from newegg. One problem I am having is that it is not running as fast as I had hoped. When reading a dvd movie from dvdfab, it reads at peak 8x and does not seem to write at 16x (10 min for dvd movie) because it sounds loud at first but then gets quiet. When I run a benchmark test on an audio cd on Nero, it starts at around 17x and ends at around 40x. When i tested the lite-on dvdrom/cd burner that came with my computer (emachines), it runs much faster (starts at around 25x, ends at over 50x). This definitely doesnt seem right. I’m pretty sure I already have DMA on. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks!

Guess you are ripping from a double-layer media… 8x speed is the maximum supported reading speed for DL media with this drive (12x for single layer discs)

That’s a bit strange, because a 8x burn takes around 8:30 to finish. Are you sure you’re not transcoding while ripping or something ?