Samsung SH-S182M_SB02 won't play burned dvd

dvd burner plays originals. Burns originals. Won’t play burned dvd Fuji dvd-r.
Burned dvd plays well in other computer or dvd player. Same dvd burner in another computer has no problems.
Clearly something wrong with software on my win XP. Something is blocking the read of dvd, since it shows no files on burned dvd.
Packet writing software was not installed. Packet writing no problem on other computer anyway. Please help.

I have the same problem. It is wrong lead-in location on DVD-R, hopefully SAMSUNG will fix it soon. Try DVD+R for testing purposes, your drive should read it fine.

OK reads burned dvd+r, and read it.
the issue of read in location does not explain why the same burner works with no problems in my other computer! with any media.

I have the same problem…
Also tried the burner in my old computer, an there it works fine!

What Mainboard do you have pss182m?
Mine is a Asus p5w dh deluxe…

The Asus board is suspicious.

What do you mean with suspicious? My English is not soo good… Kann you please say in other words?
Thanks… ^^

Search for an mobo bios update for this board on the Asus site.

I already did that…
But unfortunately it doesn’t help!

Burner works in asus P5RD1-VM, Pentium D 805 OC’d to 3.2MHz.

Does not work (read dvd-r) in gigabyte GA-K8U or AOPEN AK86-L using the same
processor AMD Socket 754 sempron 3000.

I’m having the exact same problem with sh-s182m SB02 installed in a Dell Dimension 4700. The drive will read factory stamped disks. But Nero Speed tests fail on DVD-RW and DVD+R burns as well as DVD-R. I get Timeout on Logical Unit errors or Invalid Field in CDB errors.

Nero reports burns successful, but won’t pass “validation step” (reports bad sectors).

Did I just get a bad drive? Will downgrading firmware help? Or do I have some system conflict/problem? I read on another post that someone with similar symptoms replaced the power supply and the problem was resolved. But I can’t imagine how that would be the case…

thanks for any help!

BTW, How should this work?

I have the same board, [B]ASUS P5W Deluxe WiFi-AP[/B] and a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW [B]Samsung SH-S182M[/B] SCSI CdRom Device.

I burned an image onto four Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs using Nero and the drive will not load these disks. All it does is freeze my computer for about 20 seconds while its green LED blinks. I then put a disk into my brother’s Sony DVD-Rom drive and loaded it just fine.

Anybody figure out what is wrong with the SH-S182M drives? Is it our motherboards? I actually do not know how to update my motherboard bios – has all factory settings. :confused: This is really frustrating. :a Please help~

this is the same problem i have…
the drive doesnt read dvd-r on asus p5w dh…

hab hav contacted the support of asus and samsung, but they don’t reply or just write back useless crap!

I read in another thread that it might be because Daemon tools is installed… will try uninstalling it, see what happens…

i don’t use daemon tools and it doesn’t work… but tell me the result!

Okay, figured out the problem but I am still working on a solution. I tested the drive in my old computer and it read the disk just fine. So, there must be an issue with the ASUS P5B motherboards. Maybe if we update the bios this will solve the issue. However, I need to first learn how to do that. I searched Google and found this article…

According to the -R Lead-in thread, the PSU might be another thing to look at…

To update your BIOS go to and look under Motherboard > Socket775 > P5B Deluxe. Under BIOS-Update d/l the AsusUpdate program and under BIOS d/l the new BIOS version 0804, then use AsusUpdate to load from file the .ROM file and you’re done.

My old BIOS was ver. 0302, date 07/10/2006, type AMI, size 1024 K.

Not sure if this will fix the problem but it’s time for a BIOS update anyway…

How could my power supply be a problem? It’s an Antec 480W Trueblue 2.0 which is supposed to be one of the nicer quality brands, Antec, and 480W is plenty power.

Is it not configured right? Am I using the wrong cable to power the DVD drive? I have one HDD hooked up to an IDE cable and the other is for the DVD drive. My other HDD uses SATA.

Do you know something about power supplies? What do you think is wrong with it?

OK, hang on, let me dig up a link.

The PSU thing was something someone else with the lead-in problem thought of, not me, so maybe I should have stated that :wink:

Edit: found link. It’s not conclusive, just something someone suggested:

Anyway, as you have an Antec (which I didn’t know), that’s probably not your problem ;)…mind you, it doesn’t seem related to good/bad PSU’s, as you’ll see in the link…