Samsung SH-S182M reading problem



I bought a computer a few weeks back, i’m on a foxconn P965 motherboard, Intel E6600 core 2 duo processor, 1 gig pc 800 ram and the Samsung SH-S182M dvd rom (connected to the board thru an ide cable)

im running windows xp proffesional service pack 2

however it reads and copies very slowly. at first i assumed it was because the files were too big however i realized this was not so because when i played dvd movie (brand new dvd, original, without scratches) the video skips and seems to have some lag…

ive got an idea that it is caused by dma mode or pio mode but since im a newbie in this things i dont know what to do yet… thank you


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Click the link in my sig to enable DMA on your Samsung, and see how you go. You may have to uninstall the IDE channel that the drive is on, reboot, let Windows re-detect the drive, and hopefully put it in the correct DMA mode. :slight_smile:


hi i uninstalled the ide channel, windows auto detected, i set it to dma if enabled, rebooted and then i checked but underneath it still says PIO mode…

im seeing some solution that calls for drivers but i dont think my motherboard has one…


What does it say when you uninstall the IDE channel and let it re-detect, without setting it to DMA if available? Does it automatically set itself to UDMA Mode 2?

You may have to look at your BIOS to see if DMA can also be set in there. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Foxconn mobo, so I couldn’t tell you where in the BIOS that setting may be.

You may have to try another IDE cable.


just to be sure im asking the right questions

found out i had nero infotool

so i guess my drive’s on the secondary channel

however two of my seconday ide channels here show this:

except for this one

oh this is my second ide cable :slight_smile:

sir!!! i just googled jmicorn and this appeared

so i guess im just out of my luck…


Ouch I see you have a JMicron controller :eek:…have you read that thread through that you linked to? Hopefully there’s an answer in there. :slight_smile:


yes there is a solution in the thread :slight_smile:

i used the raid conversion in the bios, im sorry for the inconvenience. i really thought windows was messing up my computer since i brought this dvd drive to the shop and it worked there so i though it was the OS or something hardware related (physical connection, low power) that’s why i just searched for my brand around the forums, didnt realize it was my controller/ (heck i didn’t even know what that was until today)

thanks for your time :slight_smile:


No inconvenience :disagree: - I’m just glad you found a solution, the SH-S182M (and D) are great drives, now you can enjoy it properly :bigsmile: