Samsung SH s182m problems



had a plextor 740 external that seemed to burn just fine on my system this is the firewire usb case that I connected by usb. The plextor went to my brother and I put the samsung in the external case. So many problems. Sometimes the drive on my computer shows as cd only sometimes as the dvd ram drive it actually is. Using nero 6 it burns and locks at a random percentage. It is jumpered as master in the external case. My system has 1 gig of ram and is an older pentium 2.53 from hp. I dont know what more inormation I should give at this point. Assiatance woiuld be greatly appreciated. Thansk


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The first thing I would do is take it out of the external case and install it as an internal drive.
If it works fine then you have ruled out physical error with the drive, so it’s now to the external case.
As it’s worked fine with the plextor then it could be the increased speed of the samsung drive.
Try with slower media (or CD’s) and see if it burns fine, or manually drop the burn speed.
you can also unplug some other stuff from the other USB ports and see if the extra bandwidth helps.

Another option is to unplug the drive and put it into a new USB port, this will make Windows see it as a brand new device and may clear some problems.

If all else fails then maybe this isn’t a good drive for your external case (some drives are known not to work too well with certain chipsets) and would be better keeping this one internal if possible.

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


thank you. I will install internally, rule out hardware issues and then proceed. Perhaps the chipset inthe external cause is causing the problem. I just noted that a 3 revision of firmware is now avaialble and I will keep that in mind as well. Will report once I have a chance to rule out the problem areas.


before I removed drive from the case I connected the external by its firewire connection to an external hard drive with firewire (only 2 items of equipment using firewire on the cpu) and the drive has burned the media it formerly was rejecting. Is this the usb bandwith issue that has been causing the problems? I have an external hard drive, printer, usb hub that is on my Dell LCD and mouse/keyboard connected to my usb ports. I do not know much about this bandwith issue.


Could be. USB ports all have a theoretical maximum bandwidth and with all the other things you could be stretching it a bit.
If it works fine under firewire it may be an idea to leave it that way if possible.


All seems to be well at this point with firewire connection and revision 3 firmware. Having said that the Plextor drive seemed to work fine in the same configuration as a usb connected device. Could the drive itself or its interaction with the hardware in the external case be responsible for the erratic behavior of the samsung drive in the plextor case connected by usb??? Perhaps I will just be happy that it appears to work well. Thanks