Samsung sh-s182m media



Just purchased a new Samsung sh-s182m and it should be here Thursday…I wanted to know what the best discs would be to burn for cd’s and dvd’s’m getting a new hard drive to replace my current failing one…and if I am unable to get files off my current drive as a slave and copy them to my new drive, I need to burn them to a dvd rw I guess since it would take over 50 cd-rs using my old cd burner I have now…



You can read CDF review on the 182D same drive minus lightscribe and there are several CD/DVD media that was tested during the review, this should give you a start on finding some media.

You will also find disc scans on several media in this thread:


thanks…also wanted to know what the best discs I should use for the lightscribe feature for dvds and cds…hope others can guide me along as well…


The best choice for LightScribe media is Verbatim.