Samsung SH-S182M Media Problems


I’ve bought yesterday a Samsung SH-S182M. I burned 3 DVD’s on DVD+R media with 4x and 8x. After burning I can’t read them.

I can’t read them with the Samsung SH-S182M drive itself and I can hardly read them with my plextor 706A…

But when I try cheap DVD-R media all works fine.

Has some one other recognised this problem with DVD+R Media?

Should I change the Samsung drive with a Liteon 165H6S ?
I have 3 days left I can exchange it @ shop…
What would you suggest?

I have no problems with DVD+R’s on this drive. Were the DVD+R’s all from the same batch? If so, try burning one on your Plextor and see if it’s readible. There’s always the chance of getting a bad batch of media, even from top manufacturers. I have the 160P6S, which has about the same hardware as the 165H6S, and I think it’s slightly better in just about every category over the Samsung.

I have the SH-S182M and I have burned 50+ Verbatim DVD+R with no problems, and they play in my Philips DVP642 DVD player just fine.

I just received and installed this drive a few days ago, installed, and upgraded to SB02. I have the exact same problem - the drive inconsistently reads all burned media. It will read all factory stamped media. Prior to this drive, I had another burner that consistently produced good quality DVD-R’s on some cheap meritline media. These dvd-R’s are readable in all of my home DVD players. However, the Samsung drive refuses to read them. It also refuses to read an old DVD-RW and a recent DVD+R burn (the second being on fairly decent media). I get errors like “Timeout on Logical Unit”, “Power Calibration Error”, and “Invalid code in CDB” from Nero CD-DVD Speed and nero burn logs during validation. Ironically, Nero tells me it burns to that media just fine (except it can’t read it). The burns are barely readable in my home DVD players.

The prior drive I mentioned failed a burn in the middle and I just assumed that the drive died. But could this actually be a power supply or Windows XP related failure? Or is there something wrong with the SB02 firmware for this drive? I’m at wits end… Can I downgrade the firmware?

thanks for any and all help!

Some of my buds have sent their Samsungs back and gotten Pioneers and Lite-Ons

Same writer same player. Disks burned @18X and work perfectly. I really love this drive. :iagree:

That’s good news. It gives me something to hope for. :slight_smile: Are you able to test reading DVD-R’s (or any other media) burned on other drives? I hope it is just a media problem. But 3 different types (including disks burned on the SH-182M itself) will not read properly for me.


just got this drive today. Anyway, I was writing on some CD and when I do a quality scan, it shows an average of 80+ C2 errors and no C1 errors. The CD seems to work fine tho…

I haven’t installed my BENQ 1640 yet so i’m currently unable to scan the CD.

Update: I bought a cheap memorex writer with similar specs, put it in the same system, same cable, same power supply connection, and made no driver updates of any kind… The Memorex drive worked like a champ. I installed the Samsung as a slave to this drive and received the exact same errors. I either got a bad drive or the drive isn’t compatible with my chipset. It’s going back…