Samsung sh-s182m green light

Hi! I have droubles with my dvd-rom.
I buyed it 1 month ago…first it was ok, but once i tryed to burn a dvd…its stops responding. i just wanted to open the rom to insert a dvd, but the green light on the front of the rom appears. and its still there. i cant open my rom now.
i tryed to upgrade the firmware…but it stops responding too on the middle of upgrade.
when i start my pc, then computer finds a dvd rom named: tsstcorpcd/dvdw sh-s182m BOOT
i think that there was no BOOT before…
also winXP found a new device, named just cd-rom in my computer window…

what can i do?
help plz!

Sry for bad english, im Estonian:)

Try flashing it again, but give it some time & make sure you are using the Samsung flash utility, then restart when you get the success message.

u mean that i try to upgrade the firmware again?
i used SH-S182M_SB05.exe file…i downloaded it from samsung web page. this is the latest firmware. ok i try it again and wait some more…last time i waited at least 10 minutes…mouse cursor stops and also the windows clock. but on upgrading the green light was blinking.

i waited now much longer. the update goes to the end and then i got a error message: “Update canceled” Restart windows.
i´ve got no brain any more. i think i must buy a new one if somebody cant help :slight_smile:
have anybody some good ideas?