Samsung SH-S182M DVD writer hosed after FW upgrade...?

I bought this last year and was working fine up until I installed the latest firmware on to it. The original FW version was SB02 and the latest one I found on Samsung web site was SB05. (Ijust went on to the Samsung web site and installed the FW from there)
This hosed up my DVD burner. Now I can not even read any disk I insert in to this drive. If I right click on disk and go to properties then I can see the disk as a blank disk. (Even tough there are files on the disk).

Has any one else experienced similar issue with the latest FW upgrade on this DVD?

If so what have you done to restore it?

I tried deleting the DVD drive from device manager and re installing (To get the right driver) that did not help. I tried looking for the older FW on the Samsung site and did not see any. I found some .bin firmware files for this DVD (SB03 nad SB04). Not sure how to flash them on to the DVD drive. Need some kind of application to do this I guess.

Any sugestions?

Actually have zero problems with it (the SB05 FW). If you check the Samsung website you’ll se the firmware comes with the firmware upgrade tool which is called sfdnwin.exe (short for “Software Flash Download for Windows”). You can use it to update (or possibly downgrade) the firmware. I never tried to downgrade the firmware, so try to reapply SB05. You most probably didn’t wait for it to be applied on the first run.

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I have no problems with this firmware.

I downloaded it from rpc1.

I also used the flash utility on this page ( right beside the red box with the white "new!’ blinking in it).

I tried last night by flashing the new SB05 FW from Samsung site once again with no luck. Tried another SB05 with rpc1 with no luck.
Now that I know this one do not work. (Every time I got a complete install and got a small window asking me to re-start windows) After a re-start I still could not read any disk from this DVD drive.
I have a generic “TSST Corp CD/DVDW SH-S 182M” double layered with Light Scribe DVD burner.
Am I missing some thing?

It is hosed for a good?

Noticed “In CD” starting and Window’s live one blocking it from accessing the system resourses.

I would remove Incd, it just generates problems.