Samsung SH-S182M/BSBN overall performance and firmwares

Hi, I just recently sold my computer to upgrade, I’ve tested many dvd drives including liteon 1653,1693, nec 3540,3550, sony 810 with several crossflashes. And I’m starting again with a sony 820a and a samsung sh-s182m drive. I’ve never used samsung before in the past so I have no idea if it has a clone or anything like that for firmware aspects nor how it rates with burns and rips…I’ll be receiving the drive tomorrow and just wanted to get a jumpstart on what to expect. Thank you for any help.

Just check the reviews out…

I didn’t see any reviews here on that drive.

Look for the review on the Samsung SH-S182D;
Same/similar drive without LightScribe.

thanks, the only other thing I would like to know is if there is a clone or if it is a clone and if anyone knows of any mod firmwares for the drive…

IF there were a clone, then it would be a model from Toshiba, because TSST is a Toshiba and Samsung cooperation.

I got my SH-S182M just a few minutes ago. The only other Toshiba/Samsung I had before came in a computer and it was a TS-H242B I think. Very mediocre drive. I am expecting much more from this one cause it has some serious competion with the rest of my drives. Just looked at the cdspeed scan and I forgot to change it to go to 18x speed. This will take some getting used to. Avg 13.45 elasped time 5:20 Now to check the quality. See ya.

I already have the Samsung SH-S182D; and I just ordered the Samsung SH-S182M with Lightscribe, it was cheaper than the D, because Newegg has it with free shipping for 33.99USD. I am very pleased with the SH-S182D, it burn @ 18X with great quality and @12X its even better. At 18X I am getting sub 5:00 min burns for a full 4.38 gig with excellent quality, I do not know what more you could ask of a drive. I must also confess I only use MCC004 and Yuden000-T03-000 media with this drive so the outcomes might be different with other media codes, I do not know.

Sony branded burned @16x.

Mad Dog 18x Megastor

Cool!!! looks like the SH-S182M supports quality scanning too? Thats a big feature I like. Thank alot for all of your help everyone

It will support Nero CD/DVD speed, but you have to change a string in the registry. It will scan with no modifications with KProbe.

Another scan. fujifilm burned at 16x.

Burned@18X SB00
MCC004 Taiwan Prodisc Verbatims
DVD FAB Platnium Beta

how do you edit the registry? And how would a Kprobe results compare to a nero cd/dvd speed scan…do the numbers mean exactly the same thing or is it acceptable for one to have more errors then the other because of the different program? I’ve noticed a lot of people use the liteon 1653 for quality scans also…is that because its the best for this scan or is it just a standard used so there is one less variable in comparing scans? I’ve had 2 burners that do qscans in nero (nec 3540, sony 810a crossflashed to benq 164) and I noticed the same disc with the same program show very different results…

js, you showed a nero info results on a Mad Dog 18x Megastor drive? is the a clone of the samsung?

I’ve been testing the Hp 840i in the last week and I have to admit its a really nice burner with excellent burns but the only reason I have it is because bestbuy didn’t get my order for the samsung in on time and they gave me the hp for the same price. I just can’t find any advantage of the 840i over the samsung and the samsung seems the have a few options that I like that the 840i doesn’t. if anyone is curious I’ll post some scans with the 840 before I return it :slight_smile:

I have not scanned to many times in Kprobe and CDspeed but the times I have
they have been very close.

Burned at 18X
Firmware SB00

Great stuff.