Samsung SH-S182M Bitsetting?

Can anyone please explain to me how to get my SH-S182M to always burn +r as -rom booktype? Thanks

I don’t think it’s possible, you have to insert a disc and then set the bitsetting to dvd-rom and it will only work for that particular disc and you have to repeat the process over again the next time you burn a dvd+r.

thats what I’ve been doing but sometimes I forget. I figured if there was a way to do it each time then there must be a way to do it permenately.

So did anyone found a way to do it permanently (until you switch it back)?

And does the Samsung SH-S182M support changing bitsettings to DVD-ROM for all of these media types: DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW DL?
I’m especially interested in the DVD+RW bitsettings - and if it supports it, can it change the bitsettings on a used DVD+RW media too?

And finally, does anyone know if there’s a review scheduled soon for this drive?


RW DL is not suppoerted and doesn’t exist!
-R DL is not for bitsetting!!!

First, I believe there are only 3 types of media that can be bit set - they are all on the PLUS side - not the Minus side. These are: DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL.

They are physically similar enough to pressed DVD’s that they can be set to be identified as a DVD-ROM, which should theoretically provide maximum compatibility. Some players like DVD-R disks better, but many new ones handle the bit set disks just fine. I believe that there are NO options to set the Minus family of disks (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL) with a book type.

Second, I use Nero 6 and it allows you to configure the default BIT SETTING value from within the program. Here is a post I made in another thread that may help.

In the NERO environment, start a DVD project and go to the RECORDER menu and select the CHOOSE RECORDER option. On my version (Nero 6) there is a button on the lower left of the dialog that says OPTIONS. If you click that button, it should expand to show a filed that says BOOK TYPE SETTINGS. It is there where you may wish to change it to DVD-ROM if it does not say so already. Once set, you can click the OK button to return to the project window and begin compiling your burn and then actually burning the disk.

LASTLY - I found a review of this drive here:

Good luck.

Okay, my mistake.
So does the Samsung SH-S182M support all 3 types?
And especially, does it support DVD+RW? and if so, does it support changing of booktype settings multiple times on DVD+RW media (e.g. change a used DVD+RW media bitsettings)?

Thanks, but I already knew that.
The question is: Will it be changed “permanently” on the Samsung SH-S182M or will I have to change it every time I burn a disc?

Thanks again, but I knew about that review too :slight_smile:
Unfortunatly, that review doesn’t say anything about DVD+RW booktype settings and it seems that they only checked DVD+R DL booktype settings.
(and a lot of drives support DVD+R and DVD+R DL booktypes settings but not DVD+RW)

I guess I would simply do a test to see if it does support all 3 types.

As the review says, once you set it inside Nero Burning ROM, it stays at the setting until you change it or change the hardware.

The thing is, I don’t have the drive yet - I want to know if it supports all 3 types BEFORE I buy it, and that’s why I’m asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does it say that?
All I see on this subject is this: “[I]the SH-S182M does support bit-setting and you can set Nero to automatically set the booktype to DVD-ROM prior to burning +R media.[/I]” - which is not very clear (if I had to guess by this wording, I’d even guess that “[I]prior to burning +R media[/I]” means the settings won’t stick :confused: ).

If you don’t have the drive, I’d spend the money on the Lite-On 160/165 series instead. :slight_smile:

I can’t find any “SHM” model for sale in my country and according to the reviews the “SOHW” models are crappy (and old).

I’d really apreciate it if someone could verify the bitsettings issue of the Samsung SH-S182M described above.

My S182M automatically sets +R disks as DVD-ROM. Didn’t need to do anything. (I believe this applies to all + disks.)

Thanks for replying.
Can you confirm it can burn DVD+[B]RW[/B] with DVD-ROM booktype?
(and if you could check if it can change an already burned DVD+RW booktype to DVD-ROM booktype that would be extra great).

I won’t use RW. That’s why I bought RAM burner. Much more robust.

For what sense should that be useful?
It would create even more problems, without doubt.

Maybe this helps …


Why would it create problems? It sould make it more compatible.
I have a DVD (actually it’s an Xbox) that won’t read anything but DVD-R media (and original pressed media), and I’ve been told it would read “+” media if the booktype is set to DVD-ROM. (and I have DVD+RW discs I would like to use).

So please, can anyone check if the SH-S182M has this ability? I don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of discs that don’t work (this is my situation now, since I currently have an LG that can change DVD+R and DL booktypes to DVD-ROM but can’t change the DVD+RW booktype).

Thanks, but this is about the S182[B]D[/B] and I’m asking about the S182[B]M[/B].

@ c@tbyte: Since you seem to own a Samsung SH-S182M drive, and won’t use RW, could you please just check with Nero Burning Rom and Nero CD-DVD Speed (you don’t need a media) just like shown in shannon90210’s link ( :

In Nero set to to DVD-ROM in Book Type settings (This change should be permanent i.e. will remain after rebooting PC). See attachment #1.

Result of disc burnt after this setting change. See attachment #2.

Correction: just use Nero CD-DVD Speed (Extra->bit setting) and see if you can temporaraly change the DVD+RW booksettings to DVD-ROM.


Well, there are indeed applications, where +RW or -RW are preferred. I use both: DVD-RAM for backups of personal data and DVD+RW as replacement for VHS tapes. Recording TV shows, watching them, deleting them.