Samsung SH-S182M Back On Sale At Newegg For $31 Shipped


This very good burner with Lightscribe is back on sale at Newegg in OEM version for $31 shipped here:

I have posted some scans over in the ‘Samsung’ section of the Optical Drives Forum and the Verbatim 16x -R MCC03RG20 scan is one of the best 18x burns I have seen to date-eh!

thanks bigmike, I may just have to bite the bullet this time, I dont really have the dinero, but those were some damn fine scans you posted

Just ordered Mine $30.99 with free shipping.

Lets hope its not a defective one.

hehe I knew I’d find some good info here. I was debating which one to get between the S182D for 29 shipped or the S182M for 31 shipped…guess I’m gonna go with the M

and I think I read to buy the Verbatim 16x DvDs for the best burning?

Yo suprcharg-

Welcome to the forums-

If you do not use/need Lightscribe feature - go with the S182D and saveurself a couple of bucks - and yes the Verbatim 16x medias in both + and - flavors work very well with the Sammys-eh!

Hey Big Guy,
Between you, Alan and Megadeath I could resist no longer. At 11:30PM I broke under the mental strain and ordered one. :sad:
It’s an addiction worse than drugs, you always say just one more wont hurt! :bigsmile:

haha don’t worry peer pressure can be fun :slight_smile:

I usually only keep 2 drives, I currently have 4 and I want the new BenQ or Lite-on 18x, it will be hard to decide what drive to drop.

Tell me about it !
Most people with PCs here in Egypt have CD-ROM drives and I have two DVD-RWs :bigsmile:
Also waiting for Benq 18X burner :bow:

Well, I bit and picked one up too. Those scans I’ve seen on 18x burns were too nice to pass up! I do wish I held off though because the SH-S182D’s now on sale for 29 bucks w/ free shipping. :doh:

Then again, I would’ve saved just two bucks. :wink:

I have the BenQ 1640 and though this looks too tempting, will it really be a worthwhile upgrade (my 1640 is just a few months old). Any suggestions? I just need some motivation to ‘Do the Dew’.

You know you want to burn at 18x and have great quality!!!

I sure do…I’ll probably be on newegg’s site by tonight :frowning:

I hope the RICOHJPN Maxells spindle I picked up at Frys will do well with it :wink:

The SH-S182D now down to $28.99 still free shipping.



Yo ExpertTech-

Suggestion - use the BenQ 1640 as the reader/ripper (set as “slave”) and the Sammy S182D as the writer(set as “master”)-eh!

thx for the info!!!

ordered mine tuesday night and it came this afternoon…woohoo! gotta love when da egg ships from CoI (well, at least us west coast guys do :smiley: )

Yup :iagree: I get most of my newegg orders in one-two days…no matter what shipping mode I choose :bow:

Ok, I did go ahead and purchase the S182M. I was at the local Microstore and I picked it up for $29.99 - not bad huh.

The S182M is set as the master and the BenQ 1640 is set as slave. I just attached the drive…yet to burn the first DVD on it :slight_smile:



Don’t forget to uninstall the driver in the secondary channel in control panels device manager and let xp reinstall fresh driver on reboot-

Test the Sammy with some Verbatim 16x - either -R or +R at 18x - it should be amazing-eh!

The first burn wasn’t great

Let me try your drivers trick Mike and I’m also gonna bump up the firmware. Hopefully things will be better :frowning: