Samsung SH-S182M and Verbatim DL(MKM 001)

Has anyone had any experience with the Samsung SH-S182M and Verbatim MKM 001 DL discs? I just recently purchased the drive from NewEgg and it only allows the discs to burn at the 2.4x speed and nothing more. The discs are labeled as “up to 6x speed”. I would’ve thought this drive was capable of reaching those speeds. I have the latest firmware SB02 installed.

That sounds bad, I had expected the 182M would allow to burn them at 8x max…

Samsung is not good when it comes to overclocking media. Just some 16x MIDs to 18x and a few others if IRC. You will need to use MKM 003 to get up to 8x DL burning. Get the latest version of ala42’s MCSE and the firmware BIN file from Samsung and you will be able to see the maximum burn speeds for your drive with each MID it supports. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion on using MCSE. I was reading up on it and it appears it only supports read-only speed editing for the Samsung S182 writer. Unless you know of something that isn’t posted on the site. Other than that I guess I have to make sure I buy MKM 003s.

You can use MCSE to swap strategies in the 182. You could try replacing the MKM001 with the MKM003 strategy and see what happens. Just double click on the MKM001 MID and select the MKM003 MID. Save and reflash your drive with the saved firmware. I’m not sure it this will trigger the drives patch protection though (drive may do strange things). You will have to try it and see. If it does just flash back to the original firmware and all will be well again.

Other than that your only other option at the moment is to buy media that MCSE shows as being rated for the speeds you want in this drive.

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If you use their (Samsung) f/w update utility. The latest f/w is SB03. I don’t have the drive myself so can’t tell you what benefit this has. Good luck.

It looks like I’m out of luck with the MCSE. I tried swapping write strategies (MKM 003 for MKM 001) but I get a message saying the input file is supported in read-only and the changes can’t be saved. Also the latest f/w for the SH182M is SB02 and I have that installed already. For some reason the SH182D is up to SB03.

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Sorry as I don’t have the drive, never noticed the end letter difference. :o

mafuyi, this might help. Here’s a patched firmware with the MKM001 changed to the MKM003 strategy. I can’t guarantee it will work but it’s worth a try. Let us know how you get on:

Please Post us a scan if you can for overspeeding MKM 001, I want to see how capable this drive is. TIA

If anyone wants to try this with the SH-S182D, let me know and I’ll post a patched firmware for this model. :wink:

Hey COdeKing,

I tried the patched firmware that you posted and my drive just froze. I tried to eject the tray but it wouldn’t. I rebooted the computer once and still the same result. The green light stayed on. I decided to reflash it to the original SB02 firmware and it’s now working fine. Thanks for the help though.

One question I had was that I noticed since you substituted the MKM 003 write strategy for the MKM 001 to allow it to overclock there was no longer an entry for MKM 003. So, if the patched firmware did work for me was I essentially sacrificing my ability to burn to MKM 003 to allow overclock MKM 001?

mafuyi, thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear it didn’t work. It must have triggered the patch protection. I will have a S182D soon (I hope), so I will try some more things then.

Like most drives, the only way to overclock media is to replace a faster MID in the firmware. So yes this firmware (if it had worked) would have no MID for MKM003 but you could flash back to stock firmware when you had used up your MKM001. :wink:

Patch protection???
Can you elaborate on that a little? Have not heard this one before.

It’s built into the Mediatek chipset (LiteOn 5S/6S & Samsung currently have it). Each bank can be tested to see if it has been changed. Different banks are tested depending on the media type inserted. Look for the “SFH” at the end of each bank and the information that follows it. :wink:

Thanks for that explanation.
So, that is what killed the development…didn’t know that.


I meant your being able to work with the 5s/6s firmwares. Sorry, I should keep my fingers from the keyboard tonite…

Not really but it slowed me down: :wink:

Means a major rewrite of OmniPatcher, which I don’t have time to do.

mafuyi, I’ve posted a new version of the MKM001@MKM003. Could you or someone else please try it for me and see if your drive still freezes. Thanks in advance: