Samsung SH-S182F "Flash cmd fail", Old Version: Boot


I Have a Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182F (it is an external USB drive) with FW version SB01, I tried to upgrade it to SB02 and I got the error message “Flash CMd Fail!”…I used the SFDNWIN.exe to flash it

After I retried to do the process again, with the sfdfwin program, I noticed that it said OLD Version: BOOT. this was weird cause in the first time I did it it said OLD VERSION: SB01.

Now my drive does not work, it does not even open the tray. :sad:
Please help maybe some of you guys had this problem before.
I looked over all threads but did not find any solution for it… Sorry for my bad English

Thank you in advance

Hi and Welcome!

something went wrong with the flashing process, so your drive is now showing up with “BOOT” firmware. That’s some kind of “safe mode”.
It is very likely that interface or driver issues are the culprit for this failure. My suggestion would be to install the drive internally and see if it can be reflashed. An older computer system with “real” IDE interface is to be preferred.


Hi michael

Thank you for your response, i though no one would answer…
Im going to try it out… but I don’t think I can get my hand to an old PC…Meanwhile is there a short time solution to this issue… or am I stuck ??


what about your own computer? Does this have the possibility to install an optical drive with IDE interface?

What could have interferred with the flashing?
It could be simply the enclosure - 100% compatibility is rare.
On the software side, there could be applications and drivers being the culprit:

[li]Virtual drive software,
[/li][li]Packet writing tools like InCD,
[/li][li]Storage controller drivers
[/li][li]Copy protection stuff (from games, videos etc.)
[/li][/ul]If you can identify one (or more) of these, then you can try to uninstall these and try flashing again.

You could also try to connect the unit to another computer (still using USB) and then flash again.


Hi Michael:
I tried the second option with the same unsuccessful result, Ill try the first one and give my result back

Thank you again for your help and fast response