Samsung SH-S182D, Pioneer 112D or Philips SPD2413BD?

I can’t decide. At first, I was leaning toward the Philips (mostly due to the fact that It’s got impressive specs (on paper) and that it’s the only one of the three that has a “5 Egg” rating at Newegg.

On the other hand, I read somewhere in here in the forums that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be (it’s missing geeky features?).

Last night I decided I should probably go for the Samsung. It’s #2 on PCWorld’s Top 5 Internal DVD drives list (#1 is a LG but it’s LightScribe and I don’t need two LightScribe drives - I just bought a Pioneer R200).

I’ve already got a Pioneer (see above) so I’m thinking I’d like one of another brand (why, I’m not sure…).

But since generally Pioneer drives are so well thought of by actual users, I’m also considering the 112D).

Now unlke the Philips, the Samsung and Pioneer only got “4 Egg” ratings on Newegg.


It’s a toss-up.

I’m sure I can’t got wrong with any of them, but I’d like more imput. :slight_smile:

Reading reviews on Newegg is rather amusing when you see a product get both 5 and 2 egg ratings. AS the saying goes, “your mileage may vary”.

BTW, all of them are fast enough to suit me. I never burn at top speed anyway (just on general principles). And anything is faster than what I have now (2004-era DVD burners from NEC and LiteON - both of which are giving me problems - the LiteON has been a pain since day one).

Although I can’t comment on your other choices, I really like my Samsung drive. Great burner, likes Verbatim 16x +R at 18x, and an excellent reader to boot. :wink:

If there is one brand (for anything) that I consider myself a fan of, it would be Samsung. I own (or have owned) a Samsung Microwave Oven, 17" CRT Monitor, DVD Player & 27" TV (CRT) and I’ve been very happy with all of them.

In fact, I’ve got my eye on a new Samsung 22" WideScreen LCD right now. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve got a Samsung TV, been happy with it since the day I bought it :iagree:

I’ve had one trusty Samsung 17" CRT that lasted from 1994 to this year when I threw it out :bigsmile:

I believe the Philips is just another LiteOn LH-20A1P rebadge.

Heh I got mine the same year. I gave it away a few years ago.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

LiteON seems to have a big geek fanbase, but I’ve also read “Liteys” can be more probamatic than most. I’ve got a LiteON (circa 2004) combo drive right now and it’s been a problem since day one.

My choice would be Pioneer but 111D not 112D. Note there’s a couple of links to Pioneer DVR-710 (DVR-111) in the bargain basement forum for $25 after rebate or $15 after rebate with Google checkout from second link.

I’ve already got the 111D (The R200 “retail” version). I just recently bought it.


I took the plunge and ordered the Samsung from Mwave.

if you have a pioneer already, i would go with the samsung, the philips is a liteon rebatched… if you wanna buy a liteon just buy a liteon, no need to buy philips.

Enjoy :bigsmile:

As for Liteys, apart from one which recently died, all mine have been champs :slight_smile:

I’ve had bad results with verbatim +16 discs on the Samsung. It does burn them but the quality scans are not good. Here’s a review of them that tests types of discs on it.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Could be the batch you got (-R or +R?). My 16x Verbatim +Rs burn beautifully on the Samsung even at 18x. :slight_smile: