SAMSUNG SH-S182D @ Newegg $32.99 Shipped

I was considering getting one of these a few weeks ago.

I did browse the Samsung forum and they look pretty good.


SAMSUNG 18X DVD±R DVD Burner With 12X DVD-RAM Write Black E-IDE/ATAPI Model SH-S182D - OEM
Model #: SH-S182D
Item #: N82E16827151133

$32.99 Free ship

MegaDETH : I know a few people that have bought thse drives. They are very happy with them, I am not sure of the Quality because I do not believe you can do a Quality scan with this drive, but as far as speed, it is amazingly fast. Seems like a great deal to me.

I decided to grab this right away, it was on my want list and I haven’t bought
anything for a while :slight_smile:

I should have some scans up Thursday/Friday

Let us know how the quality of writing and scan looks like in Samsung, for that price you can’t go wrong.

I just pulled the trigger too. Been watching it since last time the deal was posted, shoulda got it then but wanted to make sure it was OK by most reviews first. This time free shipping and they have a combo ackage that include a 3 pack of verbatim DL media for same price as just the drive and still free shipping.
Hope it’s as nice as most folks seem to think it is. I’ve been playing mainly with BenQ’s for a while and a 111 so might hopefully be a good break from tradition.

That would nice to hear from your feedback and comments how the drive beheaves and performs.

I couldn’t take the suspense, for 32.99 shipped to my door, I had to order it.


Here’s the real link to this burner:

haha nice one alan1476 :slight_smile:

I should have mine in Wednesday depending on when it gets here.

Alan First let me congratulate you for being name “The Moderator” you are we deserve it, having Samsung with Spec $32.99 to the door is obviously deal no one could resist.

Drive is here and in, first scan posted here…

Dear MegaDETH: Congrats on your new drive. The scan is awesome. Enjoy it, I should have mine by tomorrow.

Thanks man, I am already enjoying it :slight_smile:

I will have some more scans posted in a sec at 18x.

verb dl 3pk is back in stock for the combo deal,
but free ship is gone :doh:

new price = $30.99 + $5.64 ship + 3 free MKM 001

EDIT shipping for combo is $7.43, CA Tax=$2.25 :frowning:

damn you newegg!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe if I read that combo deal correctly they were MKM003 8x DL media.

I ordered the combo DL deal but so far all my invoice shows is the drive, is that how they do it or did I get screwed outa the DL disks?
If that’s the case I’m sure I can get them to send some, everybody says their customer service is good, haven’t needed it yet.

This drive is replacing the BenQ as the new most popular on the forum.:clap:

Whats is so hot about this drive? I don’t own any Samsung drives and I was just wondering what I was missing. My Liteon scans seem to be better than the Samsung
scans I’ve seen so far.
Thanks, Budzos

18x I believe :slight_smile:

If thats what all the hype is about I’ll stick with the Liteons and Pioneers 111’s since I
mostly burn T02’s and quality comes before speed in my book.