Samsung SH-S182D "Magicspeed"

I just got this drive today, it’s very fast but I noticed it’s not reading at quite full speed on CD-ROM’s and R’s (only 32X instead of 48X). According to a reviewer on (first review as of 7/20/06), there is a program called “magicspeed” with a max speed option that I would like to enable. Anyone know where I can find it?

BTW I have the latest firmware (SB01).

Hello, and welcome to our forum. :flower:

You can download the MagicSpeed from the Samsung OMS site here.

Wow, thanks so much :bow:

I don’t know how you found it, I spent at least 15 minutes on google and the website trying to find the darn thing.

Also that website has newer firmware - SB02! Thanks so much! :bigsmile:

Ok, new problem. I’m not sure you can help me since it’s probably an issue with samsung but I’ll try anyway.

When I open magic speed, select max speed, and hit apply, it just goes back to silent mode instantly.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it working. Apparely you have to set the speed while there is a disc in the drive :doh:

That sounds logical.

I just got one on Friday. Even with Magicspeed set at max, the drive still reads 16x disks at 12x. In fact, read speeds are not increased. I will RMA this one and get the BenQ 1650.

The official specifications for the SH-S182D say: max. 12x readback speeds on DVD+R/DVD-R media, so there is nothing wrong with your drive.

And on top of that it said magicspeed is only for CD’s and does not have affect on DVD’s.