Samsung SH-S182D and Permanent Bitsetting

I need some help with the Samsung SH-S182D and the Bitsetting feature.The quote below I got from the review on before I bought the drive, it seems to be incorrect.I bought two of these things and cannot seem to permanently set DVD+R or DVD+RW to DVD-ROM.I have been reading the threads in the forum, and do not see a clear answer.
I use imgburn for the most part , do I have to set the booktype before each burn or is there a workaround ?

Quote:Samsung’s new DVD writer also supports a feature called “bitsetting”. The SH-S182D automatically sets the book type of DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL media to “DVD-ROM” without any input from the user. This feature comes in handy if you have an older DVD player that has problems playing recordable media.

Hold on.

Please read it carefully, again.

i think he’s trying to say that despite the claim (on CDRLabs) that the 182D does it automatically, his drives don’t do it.

My TS-H652M (182 rebadge) has the same problem. Of course, it has a Maddog OEM firmware, but it is also supposed to automatically booktype to DVD-ROM and doesn’t. ImgBurn actually shows the booktype as DVD-ROM, but can’t successfully change it to DVD+R or back to DVD-ROM.

The only firmware I have heard of that actually has permanent bitsetting for these drives is a OEM Sony for the DRU-830A, and I believe there are some reports that even the newer Sony firmwares have the same bitsetting problem.

Exactly, Unfortunately CDRlabs is incorrect on this one.The Booktype must be set every time the tray is ejected.Nero will force the change with each burn and the next version of imgburn also will.I have tryed all the firmware but they are all the same.

My hope is that Samsung or one of you smart guys will change the firmware to allow this to be a permanent setting.

I have the SH-S182D (Maddog external) and have the same problems. I have been in e-mail contact with Maddog and they first indicated it should be done auto but like you report it does not. Have to set it for every disk so far. Their last e-mail said to use DVDInfo Pro but that did not do it either!! If anyone gets further information on this please let me know!

If it is automatically done, it will be.

The problem is sometimes that reports are partly wrong (could be the case here) or some drives report the Booktype wrong!

I checked a disc burned with my Maddog TS-H652M in at Litey 1693, a BenQ 1655, and an old DRU 510A. All of them report the booktype as DVD+R. The Maddog firmware MD00 is definetely not booktyping to DVD-ROM even though it is supposed to do it automatically. I can’t verify this for the Samsung firmwares, but I would suppose that they are very similar.

Edit: I checked the disc with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Chef, is there any chance that CD/DVD speed is reading it incorrectly?

I also checked my disks in several drives and with different programs and all came up bitset as DVD +R. I just heard from Maddog again - after I sent them screenshots of the bitsetting not being able to be changed - their response this time was to give them some time to study the problem. At least they now seem to accept that the problem exists. I have firmware SB04 on the drive.

Maddog also said it should be automatically done but it clearly is not unless several programs are reporting wrong on only disks burned with this drive. Disks burned with my NEC, Lite-on, and Benq all report DVD-ROM as the bitsetting.

So far it seems the only way to make it work is to set the Booktype everytime a disc is inserted.Nero does it for you and the next version of Imgburn will have this feature.
Seems to be a good drive, just a pain to set the booktype.My hope is at some point someone will hack the firmware.

Depends on the drive mainly. :wink:

Please try also with DVDinfopro and Imgburn/DVDdecrypter if possible.

I tried with both of these and would not make changes and indicated burned DVD’s were +R.

The Samsung SH-182D won’t booktype DVD+R to DVD-ROM automatically. So, I have used IMGBurn and it worked fine (not permanently though…).

What firmware version are you using? I can not get it to change at all now!!

I’m using SB03, dskiff.

Thanks - I am using SB04. Just tried again and was able to change while a disk is in the drive but still not a germanent change!! Wish there were some other firmware available that would allow for permanent booksetting. Will see what happens when Maddog gets back to me.

Be sure to post anything you recieve from Maddog if you don’t mind. I have the same drive and I’m interested in the solution if they give us one. In the mean time I’ll try to flash SB03 and see if I have the same luck with ImgBurn.

Did you flash your Maddog with sfdnwin?


Yes, that is what I used. As soon as I hear anything I will post it. I also downloaded their automatic firmware update program (from Samsung site).

After sending them another e-mail I finally got a response from Maddog Tech support. They indicate that if you use Nero the bookmark will be changed from +R to DVD-ROM. I tried it and it does work. It does not work with Roxio (their own admission) which is the software they provide!! I also do not know why other products such as DVDFAB which have the option to change the bookmark do not do so with this drive. So, it seems like, for now, the only answer is to use Nero CD Speed to change the bookmark just prior to each burn.

Possibly they will come out with a better firmware update in the future!!